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Reading Notebook: 19-July-10

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Comments in italics are mine and express my own views, thoughts and opinions

Windows Internals by M. Russinovich, D. Solomon and A. Ionescu:

Viewing the loaded driver list (pp. 546 - 547) - if we don’t see company information in lmv command output we can examine raw driver data like in this pattern:

DriverEntry (p. 548) - consider this as similar to main (console) or WinMain (Win32). For example, if you are writing a Windows service you have to register certain functions with SCM.

Dispatch routines (p. 548) - if you know C++ consider them as class functions for a device object where DeviceObject is a this parameter (C++ class function implementation in C where an implicit this becomes the first function argument):


and a driver object can be seen as a container for a virtual function table (vtable) for a device object (purely from implementation perspective): devObj->DriverObject->MajorFunction[IRP_MJ_XXX]

Relationship between device and driver objects (pp. 553 - 554) - long time ago when I was preparing a presentation about Windows drivers for escalation engineers I created some UML diagrams you can see in the following blog post: 

AttachedDevice vs. AttachedTo (p.554)

File object structure and extension (pp. 556 - 557) - Here are driver, device and file object structures from x64 W2K8:

0: kd> dt _DRIVER_OBJECT
+0x000 Type             : Int2B
+0x002 Size             : Int2B
+0x008 DeviceObject     : Ptr64 _DEVICE_OBJECT
+0x010 Flags            : Uint4B
+0x018 DriverStart      : Ptr64 Void
+0x020 DriverSize       : Uint4B
+0x028 DriverSection    : Ptr64 Void
+0x030 DriverExtension  : Ptr64 _DRIVER_EXTENSION
+0x038 DriverName       : _UNICODE_STRING
+0x048 HardwareDatabase : Ptr64 _UNICODE_STRING
+0x050 FastIoDispatch   : Ptr64 _FAST_IO_DISPATCH
+0x058 DriverInit       : Ptr64     long
+0x060 DriverStartIo    : Ptr64     void
+0x068 DriverUnload     : Ptr64     void
+0x070 MajorFunction    : [28] Ptr64     long

0: kd> dt _DEVICE_OBJECT
+0x000 Type             : Int2B
+0x002 Size             : Uint2B
+0x004 ReferenceCount   : Int4B
+0x008 DriverObject     : Ptr64 _DRIVER_OBJECT
+0x010 NextDevice       : Ptr64 _DEVICE_OBJECT
+0x018 AttachedDevice   : Ptr64 _DEVICE_OBJECT
+0x020 CurrentIrp       : Ptr64 _IRP
+0x028 Timer            : Ptr64 _IO_TIMER
+0x030 Flags            : Uint4B
+0x034 Characteristics  : Uint4B
+0x038 Vpb              : Ptr64 _VPB
+0x040 DeviceExtension  : Ptr64 Void
+0x048 DeviceType       : Uint4B
+0x04c StackSize        : Char
+0x050 Queue            : <unnamed-tag>
+0x098 AlignmentRequirement : Uint4B
+0x0a0 DeviceQueue      : _KDEVICE_QUEUE
+0x0c8 Dpc              : _KDPC
+0x108 ActiveThreadCount : Uint4B
+0x110 SecurityDescriptor : Ptr64 Void
+0x118 DeviceLock       : _KEVENT
+0x130 SectorSize       : Uint2B
+0x132 Spare1           : Uint2B
+0x138 DeviceObjectExtension : Ptr64 _DEVOBJ_EXTENSION
+0x140 Reserved         : Ptr64 Void

0: kd> dt _FILE_OBJECT
+0x000 Type             : Int2B
+0x002 Size             : Int2B
+0x008 DeviceObject     : Ptr64 _DEVICE_OBJECT
+0x010 Vpb              : Ptr64 _VPB
+0x018 FsContext        : Ptr64 Void
+0x020 FsContext2       : Ptr64 Void
+0x028 SectionObjectPointer : Ptr64 _SECTION_OBJECT_POINTERS
+0x030 PrivateCacheMap  : Ptr64 Void
+0x038 FinalStatus      : Int4B
+0x040 RelatedFileObject : Ptr64 _FILE_OBJECT
+0x048 LockOperation    : UChar
+0x049 DeletePending    : UChar
+0x04a ReadAccess       : UChar
+0x04b WriteAccess      : UChar
+0x04c DeleteAccess     : UChar
+0x04d SharedRead       : UChar
+0x04e SharedWrite      : UChar
+0x04f SharedDelete     : UChar
+0x050 Flags            : Uint4B
+0x058 FileName         : _UNICODE_STRING
+0x068 CurrentByteOffset : _LARGE_INTEGER
+0x070 Waiters          : Uint4B
+0x074 Busy             : Uint4B
+0x078 LastLock         : Ptr64 Void
+0x080 Lock             : _KEVENT
+0x098 Event            : _KEVENT
+0x0b0 CompletionContext : Ptr64 _IO_COMPLETION_CONTEXT
+0x0b8 IrpListLock      : Uint8B
+0x0c0 IrpList          : _LIST_ENTRY
+0x0d0 FileObjectExtension : Ptr64 Void

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

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Icons for Memory Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 60)

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Today we introduce an icon for High Contention (processors) pattern:



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