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Crash Dumps, Acquisitions and Layoffs (Part 1)

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

This is a story I would like to present for a possible discussion. A leading debugging services company A was contacted by a company B to analyze dozens of crash dumps for a modest fee*. No NDA was signed and the work was done promptly. Unfortunately there was no response to an invoice and after some time a representative from the company A contacted the company B and got an immediate reply that they were bought by a company C. The new invoice was requested and promptly sent by the company A to the company C. More time passed beyond any reasonable time frame and a representative from the company A contacted the company C again and didn’t get an immediate reply as before. After some time out of the blue came a group reply from all high execs saying that the modest fee cannot be paid because it had to be done by the company B that they bought. And by the way all guys from the company B dealing with the company A were no longer with the company C. The company A pointed out that by an implicit agreement an act of nonpayment from the company B due to unforeseen circumstances automatically made all crash dumps submitted to the company A a property of the company A.

Many would say please contact a lawyer but the modest fee doesn’t worth such a contact. When I devise a happy ending I write a second part.

* an average one day exec salary or less

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