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Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 160)

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Sometimes, we ask for a log file to see State and Event pattern, and see it there, only to find that we cannot do Back Trace of State Dumps from some Significant Event for Inter-Correlation analysis because our Data Interval is truncated (Truncated Trace). This highlights the importance of proper tracing intervals that we call Significant Interval analysis pattern by analogy with significant digits in scientific measurements. The following diagram illustrate the pattern:

If you find out you get truncated traces and logs often you may want to increase Statement Current for state logging.

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Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 94)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Trace messages may correspond to specific implementation code such as recording the status of an operation, dumping data values, printing errors, or they may correspond to higher levels of software design and architecture, and even to use case stories. We call such messages Milestones by analogy with project management. Alternative names can be Chapter Messages, Summary Messages, Checkpoints, or Use Case Messages. These are different from Macrofunctions which are collections messages grouped by some higher function. Milestone messages are specifically designed distinct trace statements:

They can also be a part of Significant Events, serve the role of Anchor Messages, and be a part of Basic Facts and Vocabulary Index.

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