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TOC for WDPF Book

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Draft Table of Contents is available for the forthcoming Windows Debugging: Practical Foundations book to be released next week:

Draft Table of Contents

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

On Extraterrestrial Problem

Monday, January 26th, 2009

What if you are given a universal memory dump and want to find some intelligence artifacts in it? I think the problem is similar to searching for software artifacts in a computer memory dump out of quadrimemorillion of them in the absence of symbol files and suitable memory dump reader. Perhaps memory visualization techniques provide a direction to solving extraterrestrial problems too. This SETI association probably came to my mind when one of the readers of my memory religion post recalled his job application to SETI institute.

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How to simulate a process hang?

Monday, January 26th, 2009

One question that people often ask is to how to simulate a process hang. One method that I found is to attach WinDbg noninvasively, freeze all threads by executing the following command:


and then quit by using q command. This leaves an application or a service process in a total hang state.

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Memory leak, spiking threads, wait chain, high critical section contention and module variety: pattern cooperation

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I noticed yesterday that my home Vista computer suddenly became slower than usual so I brought Task Manager, sorted processes by CPU usage and discovered an instance of IE7 with 50% - 60% of CPU consumption. Dumping processes in Vista is easier than ever, so I did the right click on that process and selected Create Dump File menu option. The dump was saved and I killed the process. The size of the dump file was 1.2Gb and that definitely indicated a memory leak. Examining process heap showed large heap segments amounting to 800Mb and therefore pointing to the possible heap leak:

0:000> !heap 0 0
Index   Address  Name      Debugging options enabled
  1:   00370000
    Segment at 00370000 to 00470000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 04990000 to 04a90000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 063e0000 to 065e0000 (00200000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 08440000 to 08840000 (00400000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0ce80000 to 0d680000 (00800000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 160b0000 to 17080000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 19b00000 to 1aad0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1c8c0000 to 1d890000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 27870000 to 28840000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 29870000 to 2a840000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 2d1f0000 to 2e1c0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 31fb0000 to 32f80000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 384c0000 to 39490000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 3c040000 to 3d010000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 41cf0000 to 42cc0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 43c90000 to 44c60000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 44c60000 to 45c30000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 473f0000 to 483c0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 4a390000 to 4b360000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 4b360000 to 4c330000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 4d300000 to 4e2d0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 4e2d0000 to 4f2a0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 50480000 to 51450000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 51450000 to 52420000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 533f0000 to 543c0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 54810000 to 557e0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 567b0000 to 57780000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 57c80000 to 58c50000 (00fc1000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 59c20000 to 5abf0000 (00fc6000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 5b0f0000 to 5c0c0000 (00fc1000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 5c0c0000 to 5d090000 (00fc1000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 5d090000 to 5e060000 (00fc1000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 5f030000 to 60000000 (00fc1000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 60000000 to 60fd0000 (00fc1000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 60fd0000 to 61fa0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 61fa0000 to 62f70000 (00e26000 bytes committed)

  2:   00010000
    Segment at 00010000 to 00020000 (00003000 bytes committed)
  3:   00d80000
    Segment at 00d80000 to 00d90000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 00050000 to 00150000 (00014000 bytes committed)
  4:   00190000
    Segment at 00190000 to 001a0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 00d90000 to 00e90000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0a430000 to 0a630000 (00200000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0d8d0000 to 0dcd0000 (00400000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0ecc0000 to 0f4c0000 (00800000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 18690000 to 19660000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 24fe0000 to 25fb0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 2bf40000 to 2cf10000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 303b0000 to 31380000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 33370000 to 34340000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 39490000 to 3a460000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 40d20000 to 41cf0000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 483c0000 to 49390000 (00fd0000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 557e0000 to 567b0000 (00452000 bytes committed)
  5:   00330000
    Segment at 00330000 to 00340000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 00c10000 to 00d10000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0c910000 to 0cb10000 (00200000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 18280000 to 18680000 (00400000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 2ec20000 to 2f420000 (00800000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 42cc0000 to 43c90000 (00fc7000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 4c330000 to 4d300000 (00d45000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 52420000 to 533f0000 (00d39000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 58c50000 to 59c20000 (00ddc000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 5e060000 to 5f030000 (00dd1000 bytes committed)
  6:   00e90000
    Segment at 00e90000 to 00ea0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 06780000 to 06880000 (00026000 bytes committed)
  7:   00170000
    Segment at 00170000 to 00180000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 06880000 to 06980000 (00026000 bytes committed)
  8:   01bf0000
    Segment at 01bf0000 to 01c00000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 03bb0000 to 03cb0000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0e610000 to 0e810000 (00200000 bytes committed)
  9:   00bf0000
    Segment at 00bf0000 to 00c00000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 10:   00b70000
    Segment at 00b70000 to 00b80000 (00003000 bytes committed)
 11:   01b60000
    Segment at 01b60000 to 01ba0000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 12:   03650000
    Segment at 03650000 to 03690000 (00009000 bytes committed)
 13:   039c0000
    Segment at 039c0000 to 039d0000 (00008000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 07e30000 to 07f30000 (00012000 bytes committed)
 14:   00b20000
    Segment at 00b20000 to 00b30000 (00003000 bytes committed)
 15:   01b00000
    Segment at 01b00000 to 01b40000 (00040000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 22b80000 to 22c80000 (00032000 bytes committed)
 16:   00b30000
    Segment at 00b30000 to 00b70000 (00040000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 08f00000 to 09000000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 376f0000 to 378f0000 (000e3000 bytes committed)
 17:   03700000
    Segment at 03700000 to 03740000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 18:   03a70000
    Segment at 03a70000 to 03ab0000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 19:   00be0000
    Segment at 00be0000 to 00bf0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0a630000 to 0a730000 (000a8000 bytes committed)
 20:   04df0000
    Segment at 04df0000 to 04ef0000 (00100000 bytes committed)
 21:   044d0000
    Segment at 044d0000 to 044e0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 04390000 to 04490000 (00028000 bytes committed)
 22:   04730000
    Segment at 04730000 to 04740000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 04620000 to 04720000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 23fb0000 to 241b0000 (001f6000 bytes committed)
 23:   055e0000
    Segment at 055e0000 to 056e0000 (00100000 bytes committed)
 24:   05ce0000
    Segment at 05ce0000 to 05cf0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 06bb0000 to 06cb0000 (00012000 bytes committed)
 25:   05e20000
    Segment at 05e20000 to 05e60000 (00020000 bytes committed)
 26:   04860000
    Segment at 04860000 to 04870000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0df60000 to 0e060000 (00024000 bytes committed)
 27:   04dc0000
    Segment at 04dc0000 to 04dd0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 062e0000 to 063e0000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 26d70000 to 26f70000 (001eb000 bytes committed)
 28:   06aa0000
    Segment at 06aa0000 to 06ab0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 06980000 to 06a80000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1ede0000 to 1efe0000 (00200000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1efe0000 to 1f3e0000 (00322000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1f3e0000 to 1fbe0000 (00800000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 205e0000 to 215b0000 (001c7000 bytes committed)
 29:   05420000
    Segment at 05420000 to 05430000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 06ab0000 to 06bb0000 (00053000 bytes committed)
 30:   05980000
    Segment at 05980000 to 05990000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 17d90000 to 17e90000 (00012000 bytes committed)
 31:   07c20000
    Segment at 07c20000 to 07c60000 (00040000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 08cc0000 to 08dc0000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1fbe0000 to 1fde0000 (001fd000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 241b0000 to 245b0000 (003fa000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 2a840000 to 2b040000 (0007c000 bytes committed)
 32:   07be0000
    Segment at 07be0000 to 07c20000 (0003a000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 17900000 to 17a00000 (000fd000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 3b2b0000 to 3b4b0000 (001fe000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 45c30000 to 46030000 (00289000 bytes committed)
 33:   07df0000
    Segment at 07df0000 to 07e30000 (0003a000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 22810000 to 22910000 (0001c000 bytes committed)
 34:   08000000
    Segment at 08000000 to 08040000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 35:   07da0000
    Segment at 07da0000 to 07de0000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 36:   04b60000
    Segment at 04b60000 to 04b70000 (00002000 bytes committed)
 37:   08990000
    Segment at 08990000 to 089a0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 06cb0000 to 06db0000 (00024000 bytes committed)
 38:   051f0000
    Segment at 051f0000 to 05200000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 050c0000 to 051c0000 (00100000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0c110000 to 0c310000 (00200000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0c310000 to 0c710000 (003f6000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1bd00000 to 1c500000 (00529000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 216c0000 to 22690000 (00376000 bytes committed)
 39:   0ac10000
    Segment at 0ac10000 to 0ac20000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 0aa80000 to 0ab80000 (000c4000 bytes committed)
 40:   12ed0000
    Segment at 12ed0000 to 12ee0000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 199e0000 to 19ae0000 (00022000 bytes committed)
 41:   15450000
    Segment at 15450000 to 15490000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 42:   17ad0000
    Segment at 17ad0000 to 17b10000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 43:   1b2f0000
    Segment at 1b2f0000 to 1b300000 (00010000 bytes committed)
    Segment at 1ad30000 to 1ae30000 (0002c000 bytes committed)
 44:   232b0000
    Segment at 232b0000 to 232f0000 (00015000 bytes committed)
 45:   21680000
    Segment at 21680000 to 216c0000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 46:   23490000
    Segment at 23490000 to 234d0000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 47:   23670000
    Segment at 23670000 to 236b0000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 48:   17ed0000
    Segment at 17ed0000 to 17f10000 (00001000 bytes committed)
 49:   247f0000
    Segment at 247f0000 to 24830000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 50:   28c40000
    Segment at 28c40000 to 28c80000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 51:   2ffd0000
    Segment at 2ffd0000 to 2ffe0000 (00006000 bytes committed)
 52:   376b0000
    Segment at 376b0000 to 376f0000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 53:   2ff90000
    Segment at 2ff90000 to 2ffd0000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 54:   26260000
    Segment at 26260000 to 262a0000 (00040000 bytes committed)
 55:   3a530000
    Segment at 3a530000 to 3a570000 (00040000 bytes committed)

However I concentrated on CPU spike and !runaway WinDbg command showed the following distribution of thread user mode times:

0:000> !runaway
 User Mode Time
  Thread       Time
 117:10a0      0 days 3:09:13.643
  13:ca4       0 days 2:18:41.311

  61:16c4      0 days 0:25:46.515
  33:1690      0 days 0:25:25.954
   4:fb0       0 days 0:22:20.797
  29:840       0 days 0:21:25.385
  23:1614      0 days 0:21:08.194
  77:3e0       0 days 0:18:57.434
  45:11f4      0 days 0:17:13.647
  71:1314      0 days 0:17:10.667
  31:1198      0 days 0:16:48.374
  39:156c      0 days 0:16:40.980
  59:d1c       0 days 0:16:37.610
 115:3e8       0 days 0:16:32.384
  57:170c      0 days 0:16:30.746
  47:1364      0 days 0:16:18.360
  84:12a8      0 days 0:15:56.145
 112:a10       0 days 0:15:52.089
 106:1374      0 days 0:15:51.652
  89:b58       0 days 0:15:47.768
 125:115c      0 days 0:15:41.122
 101:1100      0 days 0:15:30.748
 104:1294      0 days 0:15:16.147
  99:d00       0 days 0:15:15.008
  96:9b4       0 days 0:15:13.604
 123:1624      0 days 0:15:12.247
  86:1444      0 days 0:15:11.654
 131:1728      0 days 0:14:35.914
 135:100c      0 days 0:14:16.414
 133:1530      0 days 0:14:04.963
 137:a30       0 days 0:13:41.360
 139:dd8       0 days 0:13:40.674
 142:1098      0 days 0:12:51.284
   0:efc       0 days 0:02:43.005
   1:f44       0 days 0:01:34.536
  19:8d0       0 days 0:00:42.557
  98:54c       0 days 0:00:28.282
 114:138c      0 days 0:00:26.598
  83:1060      0 days 0:00:22.354
  88:17ec      0 days 0:00:22.027
 103:da8       0 days 0:00:20.404
 141:15c8      0 days 0:00:19.843
  10:b14       0 days 0:00:12.526
   8:5b8       0 days 0:00:02.246
  21:cfc       0 days 0:00:00.795
  12:10c       0 days 0:00:00.561
  11:8d4       0 days 0:00:00.312
  65:b0c       0 days 0:00:00.202
  22:ae8       0 days 0:00:00.187
  17:744       0 days 0:00:00.124
  28:168c      0 days 0:00:00.093
   6:5a8       0 days 0:00:00.046
   2:f90       0 days 0:00:00.031
 130:fa4       0 days 0:00:00.015
 113:17c4      0 days 0:00:00.015
  76:1a4       0 days 0:00:00.015
  70:10a8      0 days 0:00:00.015
  32:df0       0 days 0:00:00.015
  18:ee0       0 days 0:00:00.015
   7:3f4       0 days 0:00:00.015
 148:11cc      0 days 0:00:00.000
 147:132c      0 days 0:00:00.000
 146:1458      0 days 0:00:00.000
 145:133c      0 days 0:00:00.000
 144:1268      0 days 0:00:00.000
 143:838       0 days 0:00:00.000
 140:1168      0 days 0:00:00.000
 138:f48       0 days 0:00:00.000
 136:1f0       0 days 0:00:00.000
 134:17ac      0 days 0:00:00.000
 132:119c      0 days 0:00:00.000
 129:fc4       0 days 0:00:00.000
 128:bd8       0 days 0:00:00.000
 127:1528      0 days 0:00:00.000
 126:1058      0 days 0:00:00.000
 124:16a4      0 days 0:00:00.000
 122:1518      0 days 0:00:00.000
 121:7c        0 days 0:00:00.000
 120:103c      0 days 0:00:00.000
 119:a2c       0 days 0:00:00.000
 118:1524      0 days 0:00:00.000
 116:1240      0 days 0:00:00.000
 111:1248      0 days 0:00:00.000
 110:de8       0 days 0:00:00.000
 109:dc8       0 days 0:00:00.000
 108:17e8      0 days 0:00:00.000
 107:994       0 days 0:00:00.000
 105:162c      0 days 0:00:00.000
 102:112c      0 days 0:00:00.000
 100:1764      0 days 0:00:00.000
  97:1548      0 days 0:00:00.000
  95:1334      0 days 0:00:00.000
  94:1024      0 days 0:00:00.000
  93:1170      0 days 0:00:00.000
  92:12f0      0 days 0:00:00.000
  91:12d4      0 days 0:00:00.000
  90:1264      0 days 0:00:00.000
  87:12d8      0 days 0:00:00.000
  85:153c      0 days 0:00:00.000
  82:14c4      0 days 0:00:00.000
  81:834       0 days 0:00:00.000
  80:17f4      0 days 0:00:00.000
  79:1784      0 days 0:00:00.000
  78:530       0 days 0:00:00.000
  75:1320      0 days 0:00:00.000
  74:15fc      0 days 0:00:00.000
  73:16e4      0 days 0:00:00.000
  72:17b0      0 days 0:00:00.000
  69:af0       0 days 0:00:00.000
  68:83c       0 days 0:00:00.000
  67:b78       0 days 0:00:00.000
  66:cc4       0 days 0:00:00.000
  64:14fc      0 days 0:00:00.000
  63:14dc      0 days 0:00:00.000
  62:16b0      0 days 0:00:00.000
  60:1130      0 days 0:00:00.000
  58:1504      0 days 0:00:00.000
  56:1160      0 days 0:00:00.000
  55:16c0      0 days 0:00:00.000
  54:bfc       0 days 0:00:00.000
  53:f70       0 days 0:00:00.000
  52:1178      0 days 0:00:00.000
  51:1448      0 days 0:00:00.000
  50:15e8      0 days 0:00:00.000
  49:1410      0 days 0:00:00.000
  48:10c0      0 days 0:00:00.000
  46:14e4      0 days 0:00:00.000
  44:1150      0 days 0:00:00.000
  43:1454      0 days 0:00:00.000
  42:131c      0 days 0:00:00.000
  41:8cc       0 days 0:00:00.000
  40:17bc      0 days 0:00:00.000
  38:17c0      0 days 0:00:00.000
  37:15a4      0 days 0:00:00.000
  36:1048      0 days 0:00:00.000
  35:143c      0 days 0:00:00.000
  34:1384      0 days 0:00:00.000
  30:fa0       0 days 0:00:00.000
  27:1688      0 days 0:00:00.000
  26:1684      0 days 0:00:00.000
  25:1680      0 days 0:00:00.000
  24:161c      0 days 0:00:00.000
  20:500       0 days 0:00:00.000
  16:1a0       0 days 0:00:00.000
  15:a18       0 days 0:00:00.000
  14:c44       0 days 0:00:00.000
   9:6c4       0 days 0:00:00.000
   5:ec8       0 days 0:00:00.000
   3:fa8       0 days 0:00:00.000

Threads 117 and 13 were waiting for a critical section 6e1876c4:

0:000> ~117kv
ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child             
35f0e468 77009254 76ff33b4 00000520 00000000 ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet
35f0e46c 76ff33b4 00000520 00000000 00000000 ntdll!ZwWaitForSingleObject+0xc
35f0e4d0 76ff323c 00000000 00000000 00000000 ntdll!RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection+0x155
35f0e4f8 6e16ac32 6e1876c4 00071370 35f0e59c ntdll!RtlEnterCriticalSection+0x152
35f0e510 6e16b4cc 6e16e2f1 00000000 35f0e59c AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::LookupKOECache+0×22
35f0e524 6e16bb90 00071370 00000000 00000000 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::PreChecks+0xd3
35f0e544 6e16bbce 00071370 00000000 00000008 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::InitializeMergeW+0×1a
35f0e574 6e16e327 00071370 00000002 00000002 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::InitializeEnumeration+0×26

*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found.  Defaulted to export symbols for PDFCreator_Toolbar.dll -
35f0e620 05729772 00071370 00000002 35f0e690 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::APIHook_RegEnumValueA+0×36
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
35f0e6a4 76b60528 c02193db 00000128 00000000 PDFCreator_Toolbar!DllUnregisterServer+0×3b7ce
35f0e6dc 73207be1 000319f8 00000128 00030001 user32!DefWindowProcW+0×86
76b60528 90909090 fffffffe 00000000 ffffffd0 comctl32!ToolbarWndProc+0×14f7
76b60528 00000000 fffffffe 00000000 ffffffd0 0×90909090

0:000> ~13kv
ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child             
0c90e5ec 77009254 76ff33b4 00000520 00000000 ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet
0c90e5f0 76ff33b4 00000520 00000000 00000000 ntdll!ZwWaitForSingleObject+0xc
0c90e654 76ff323c 00000000 00000000 00000000 ntdll!RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection+0x155
0c90e67c 6e16ac32 6e1876c4 00071348 0c90e720 ntdll!RtlEnterCriticalSection+0x152
0c90e694 6e16b4cc 6e16e2f1 00000000 0c90e720 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::LookupKOECache+0×22
0c90e6a8 6e16bb90 00071348 00000000 00000000 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::PreChecks+0xd3
0c90e6c8 6e16bbce 00071348 00000000 00000008 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::InitializeMergeW+0×1a
0c90e6f8 6e16e327 00071348 0000000c 00000002 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::InitializeEnumeration+0×26
0c90e7a4 05729772 00071348 0000000c 0c90e814 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::APIHook_RegEnumValueA+0×36

WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
0c90e858 76b60528 73207be1 000205e2 00000128 PDFCreator_Toolbar!DllUnregisterServer+0×3b7ce
0c90e8d4 76b5f8d2 626f6441 44502065 00200046 user32!DefWindowProcW+0×86
0c90e978 76b60817 0041fecc 73207ae0 000205e2 user32!InternalCallWinProc+0×23
00030ad4 0031002e 00300038 00350036 006e005f user32!DispatchClientMessage+0xda
00030ad4 00000000 00300038 00350036 006e005f 0×31002e

Examining critical section locks showed this section to be the only one locked and having high contention:

0:000> !locks

CritSec AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::ClassLock+0 at 6e1876c4
WaiterWoken        No
LockCount          32
RecursionCount     1
OwningThread       d1c
EntryCount         0
ContentionCount    c74ad4
*** Locked

Scanned 22054 critical sections

There were 32 threads waiting on it. Examining its owning thread d1c showed similar stack trace pattern:

0:000> ~~[d1c]kv
ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child             
269ae72c 6e16f1da 269ae808 31f4a7e8 269ae75c AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::OwnedRegistryKeyPair::Match+0×14
269ae73c 6e16f40c 269ae7ec 269ae808 269ae808 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::MergedRegistryKey::Match+0×22
269ae75c 6e16bc11 269ae7ec 269ae808 269ae784 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::MergedRegistryKeyList::FindItem+0×25
269ae790 6e16e327 00c211b0 00000008 00000002 AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::RedirectorRegistry::InitializeEnumeration+0×69
269ae83c 05729772 000714a4 00000008 269ae8ac AcRedir!NS_RedirectRegistry::APIHook_RegEnumValueA+0×36

WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
269ae8f0 76b60528 73207be1 00050cf8 00000128 PDFCreator_Toolbar!DllUnregisterServer+0×3b7ce
269ae96c 76b5f8d2 00000001 00070598 00040582 user32!DefWindowProcW+0×86
269aea10 76b60817 0041fecc 73207ae0 00050cf8 user32!InternalCallWinProc+0×23
00030ad4 0031002e 00300038 00350036 006e005f user32!DispatchClientMessage+0xda
00030ad4 00000000 00300038 00350036 006e005f 0×31002e

Two components immediately came to suspicion, AcRedir.dll and PDFCreator_Toolbar.dll:

0:000> lmv m AcRedir
start    end        module name
6e150000 6e18e000   AcRedir    (pdb symbols)          c:\mss\AcRedir.pdb\923AF38F594246C99580DC1CFB4B3AE02\AcRedir.pdb
    Loaded symbol image file: AcRedir.dll
    Image path: C:\Windows\AppPatch\AcRedir.dll
    Image name: AcRedir.dll
    Timestamp:        Sat Jan 19 07:26:39 2008 (4791A62F)
    CheckSum:         0003F278
    ImageSize:        0003E000
    File version:     6.0.6001.18000
    Product version:  6.0.6001.18000
    File flags:       0 (Mask 3F)
    File OS:          40004 NT Win32
    File type:        2.0 Dll
    File date:        00000000.00000000
    Translations:     0409.04b0
    CompanyName:      Microsoft Corporation
    ProductName:      Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    InternalName:     Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    OriginalFilename: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    ProductVersion:   6.0.6001.18000
    FileVersion:      6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)
    FileDescription:  Windows Compatibility DLL
    LegalCopyright:   © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

0:000> lmv m PDFCreator_Toolbar
start    end        module name
056e0000 057bb000   PDFCreator_Toolbar   (export symbols)       PDFCreator_Toolbar.dll
    Loaded symbol image file: PDFCreator_Toolbar.dll
    Image path: C:\Program Files\PDFCreator Toolbar\v3.3.0.1\PDFCreator_Toolbar.dll
    Image name: PDFCreator_Toolbar.dll
    Timestamp:        Sat Aug 09 08:53:38 2008 (489D4D02)
    CheckSum:         000AA334
    ImageSize:        000DB000
    File version:
    Product version:
    File flags:       0 (Mask 3F)
    File OS:          4 Unknown Win32
    File type:        2.0 Dll
    File date:        00000000.00000000
    Translations:     0409.04b0
    ProductName:      PDFCreator Toolbar
    InternalName:     PDFCreator Toolbar
    OriginalFilename: Toolbar.dll
    ProductVersion:   3,3,0,1
    FileVersion:      3,3,0,1
    FileDescription:  PDFCreator Toolbar
    LegalCopyright:   Copyright 2006

Then I decided to examine some heap blocks from leaked segments and found the prolifiration of UNICODE string fragments containing “PDFCreator Toolbar”:

0:000> dc 567b0000 l3000
567b21a0  00000001 00000008 00000040 00650054  ............T.e.
567b21b0  0070006d 00610044 00610074 00730000  m.p.D.a.t.a...s.
567b21c0  00740069 006f0069 0000006e 00000072  i.t.i.o.n...r...
567b21d0  00000068 005c0067 00440050 00430046  h…g.\.P.D.F.C.
567b21e0  00650072 00740061 0072006f 00540020  r.e.a.t.o.r. .T.
567b21f0  006f006f 0062006c 00720061 002d0000  o.o.l.b.a.r…-.

567b2200  00300031 00300030 00300000 00420025…0.%.B.
567b2210  00250030 00310044 00380025 00250031  0.%.D.1.%.8.1.%.
567b2220  00310044 00380025 00000031 00000000  D.1.%.8.1…….
567b2230  52332e04 88000000 00000001 00000013  ..3R…………
567b2240  00000040 00690044 00450064 0061006e  @…D.i.d.E.n.a.
567b2250  006c0062 00410065 00740075 0053006f  b.l.e.A.u.t.o.S.
567b2260  00610065 00630072 00000068 005c0067  e.a.r.c.h…g.\.
567b2270  00440050 00430046 00650072 00740061  P.D.F.C.r.e.a.t.
567b2280  0072006f 00540020 006f006f 0062006c  o.r. .T.o.o.l.b.
567b2290  00720061 002d0000 00300031 00300030  a.r…-.

567b22a0  00300000 00420025 00250030 00310044  ..0.%.B.0.%.D.1.
567b22b0  00380025 00250031 00310044 00380025  %.8.1.%.D.1.%.8.
567b22c0  00000031 00000000 52332e1b 88000000  1………3R….
567b22d0  00000001 00000005 00000040 004c0053  …………S.L.
567b22e0  00730069 00000074 00450052 0070005c  i.s.t…R.E.\.p.
567b22f0  00660064 006f0066 00670072 002e0065  d.f.f.o.r.g.e…
567b2300  0072006f 005c0067 00440050 00430046  o.r.g.\.P.D.F.C.
567b2310  00650072 00740061 0072006f 00540020  r.e.a.t.o.r. .T.
567b2320  006f006f 0062006c 00720061 00300000  o.o.l.b.a.r…0.

567b2330  00420025 00250042 00300044 00420025  %.B.B.%.D.0.%.B.
567b2340  00250030 00310044 00380025 00250031  0.%.D.1.%.8.1.%.
567b2350  00310044 00380025 00000031 00000000  D.1.%.8.1…….
567b2360  52332e2e 88000000 00000001 00000005  ..3R…………

Because AcRedir code was called from PDFCreator Toolbar component the final decision was to uninstall PDFCreator Toolbar. Before I quit the debugger I dumped the list of modules and was astonished at the module variety:

0:000> lm
start    end        module name
00850000 008eb000   iexplore   (pdb symbols)         
05430000 054ab000   ssv        (deferred)            
056e0000 057bb000   PDFCreator_Toolbar   (export symbols)
0a7f0000 0aa73000   igdumd32   (deferred)            
10000000 100a4000   swg        (deferred)            
16080000 160a5000   mdnsNSP    (deferred)            
28f90000 28f9a000   icalogon   (deferred)            
29330000 29337000   PScript    (deferred)            
29440000 29462000   ctxmui     (deferred)            
29470000 29476000   TcpPServ   (deferred)            
29480000 29492000   CgpCore    (deferred)            
295a0000 295b0000   confmgr    (deferred)            
295b0000 295b7000   logging    (deferred)            
296c0000 296c7000   icafile    (deferred)            
296d0000 296d6000   cgpcfg     (deferred)            
296e0000 296e5000   ctxmuiUI   (deferred)            
2bd20000 2bd8e000   Wfica      (deferred)            
30000000 303ae000   Flash9e    (export symbols)
63f00000 63f0c000   mscorie    (deferred)            
655e0000 65639000   rpbrowserrecordplugin   (deferred)            
692a0000 69a66000   wmploc     (deferred)            
69a70000 6a4a0000   wmp        (deferred)            
6b220000 6b2e3000   VGX        (deferred)            
6b2f0000 6b3bc000   d3dim700   (deferred)            
6b450000 6b4d3000   AdobeUpdater   (deferred)            
6b4e0000 6b7de000   agcore     (deferred)            
6b7e0000 6ba63000   fastsearch_219B3E1547538286   (deferred)            
6ba70000 6be17000   GoogleToolbarDynamic_F423308312A7B033   (export symbols)   
6be20000 6be89000   vbscript   (deferred)            
6bf90000 6c302000   mshtml     (export symbols)   
6c320000 6c36a000   ntshrui    (deferred)            
6c3d0000 6c447000   mshtmled   (deferred)            
6c4d0000 6c527000   dxtmsft    (deferred)            
6c590000 6c60d000   jscript    (pdb symbols)         
6c610000 6c649000   dxtrans    (pdb symbols)         
6c770000 6c7e0000   dsound     (deferred)            
6c810000 6c839000   msls31     (deferred)            
6ca50000 6ca6b000   cryptnet   (deferred)            
6ca90000 6cada000   rasapi32   (deferred)            
6cca0000 6ccb4000   rasman     (deferred)            
6cd40000 6cd71000   tapi32     (deferred)            
6d0b0000 6d0fc000   Wpc        (deferred)            
6d350000 6d410000   npctrl     (deferred)            
6d450000 6d482000   iepeers    (deferred)            
6d4d0000 6d530000   ieapfltr   (deferred)            
6d5b0000 6d603000   AcroIEFavClient   (deferred)            
6d6b0000 6d795000   ddraw      (deferred)            
6d7a0000 6d818000   AcSpecfc   (deferred)            
6d820000 6d82e000   pngfilt    (deferred)            
6d830000 6d892000   mscms      (deferred)            
6dbc0000 6dc5b000   msvcr80    (deferred)            
6dc60000 6dce7000   msvcp80    (deferred)            
6dd70000 6ddf8000   AcLayers   (deferred)            
6de00000 6de0a000   ddrawex    (deferred)            
6de60000 6de83000   msvfw32    (deferred)            
6dfb0000 6dfc1000   AcroIEHelperShim   (deferred)            
6dff0000 6e036000   GoogleToolbar   (deferred)            
6e060000 6e086000   dssenh     (deferred)            
6e090000 6e0f0000   tiptsf     (deferred)            
6e0f0000 6e11f000   ieui       (pdb symbols)         
6e130000 6e140000   AcroIEHelper   (deferred)            
6e150000 6e18e000   AcRedir    (pdb symbols)         
6e570000 6e57b000   msimtf     (deferred)            
6e580000 6e58f000   davclnt    (deferred)            
6e590000 6e5a3000   ntlanman   (deferred)            
6e610000 6e618000   drprov     (deferred)            
6e620000 6e630000   iebrshim   (deferred)            
6e650000 6e680000   mlang      (deferred)            
6f7b0000 6f7b8000   dispex     (deferred)            
6f8a0000 6f8ab000   cscapi     (deferred)            
6fa70000 6fb4c000   dbghelp    (deferred)            
6fe40000 6fe73000   msrating   (deferred)            
6ff00000 6ff3a000   sqlite     (deferred)            
70530000 70afe000   ieframe    (pdb symbols)      
71260000 71462000   msi        (deferred)            
717c0000 717d2000   pnrpnsp    (deferred)            
71870000 71877000   wsock32    (deferred)            
718a0000 718a7000   msiltcfg   (pdb symbols)      
71920000 71973000   actxprxy   (deferred)            
71980000 7198c000   wshbth     (deferred)            
71990000 71998000   winrnr     (deferred)            
719e0000 71b06000   msxml3     (deferred)            
71b10000 71b1f000   NapiNSP    (deferred)            
71b20000 71b29000   linkinfo   (deferred)            
71c70000 71c76000   SensApi    (deferred)            
71d10000 71e56000   browseui   (deferred)            
71ee0000 71fe7000   shdocvw    (deferred)            
72100000 72109000   snmpapi    (deferred)            
72580000 725c2000   winspool   (deferred)            
725d0000 725d6000   rasadhlp   (deferred)            
72610000 72615000   sfc        (deferred)            
72620000 7262c000   dwmapi     (deferred)            
72640000 72676000   mfplat     (deferred)            
72850000 72857000   midimap    (deferred)            
72860000 72874000   msacm32_72860000   (deferred)            
72880000 72933000   WindowsCodecs   (deferred)            
72940000 729a6000   AudioEng   (deferred)            
729b0000 729d1000   AudioSes   (deferred)            
729e0000 72a0f000   wdmaud     (pdb symbols)      
72a50000 72a59000   msacm32    (deferred)            
72a60000 72a64000   ksuser     (deferred)            
72a70000 72aa2000   winmm      (pdb symbols)      
72b60000 72b6c000   imgutil    (deferred)            
72b80000 72b8d000   sfc_os     (deferred)            
72b90000 72bae000   shimeng    (deferred)            
72bb0000 72bb6000   dciman32   (deferred)            
72c60000 72c8f000   xmllite    (deferred)            
72c90000 72c9c000   rtutils    (deferred)            
72ed0000 72f66000   FWPUCLNT   (deferred)            
73080000 731ca000   msxml6     (deferred)            
731d0000 731d5000   msimg32    (deferred)            
73200000 73285000   comctl32   (pdb symbols)      
73290000 732ef000   winhttp    (deferred)            
73380000 733b9000   oleacc     (deferred)            
733c0000 733ff000   uxtheme    (deferred)            
73400000 73430000   duser      (deferred)            
73430000 735db000   GdiPlus    (deferred)            
738d0000 7398b000   propsys    (deferred)            
74460000 74474000   atl        (deferred)            
74580000 7471e000   comctl32_74580000   (pdb symbols)
74890000 748b7000   MMDevAPI   (deferred)            
74960000 74975000   cabinet    (deferred)            
74980000 749ad000   wintrust   (deferred)            
74a40000 74a4f000   nlaapi     (deferred)            
74a50000 74a5a000   wtsapi32   (deferred)            
74b10000 74b15000   WSHTCPIP   (deferred)            
74b20000 74b27000   avrt       (deferred)            
74b30000 74b4a000   powrprof   (deferred)            
74b50000 74b71000   ntmarta    (deferred)            
74bb0000 74beb000   rsaenh     (deferred)            
74c20000 74c64000   schannel   (deferred)            
74dd0000 74de5000   gpapi      (deferred)            
74ed0000 74f0b000   mswsock    (pdb symbols)         
74f10000 74f55000   bcrypt     (deferred)            
74f60000 74f95000   ncrypt     (deferred)            
74fb0000 74fd1000   dhcpcsvc6   (deferred)            
74fe0000 74fe7000   winnsi     (deferred)            
74ff0000 75025000   dhcpcsvc   (deferred)            
75030000 75049000   IPHLPAPI   (deferred)            
75050000 75090000   wevtapi    (deferred)            
75090000 750ca000   SLC        (deferred)            
750d0000 751c1000   crypt32    (deferred)            
75200000 75214000   mpr        (deferred)            
75260000 75265000   wship6     (deferred)            
75270000 75278000   version    (deferred)            
75280000 75287000   credssp    (deferred)            
752c0000 752d2000   msasn1     (deferred)            
752e0000 752f1000   samlib     (deferred)            
75300000 7532c000   dnsapi     (deferred)            
75360000 753d5000   netapi32   (deferred)            
755a0000 755ff000   sxs        (deferred)            
75660000 7568c000   apphelp    (deferred)            
756c0000 756d4000   secur32    (deferred)            
756e0000 756fe000   userenv    (deferred)            
75820000 75865000   iertutil   (deferred)            
75870000 76380000   shell32    (deferred)            
76380000 763ca000   Wldap32    (deferred)            
763d0000 76428000   shlwapi    (deferred)            
76430000 764b4000   clbcatq    (deferred)            
764c0000 76588000   msctf      (deferred)            
76590000 765b9000   imagehlp   (deferred)            
765c0000 76682000   rpcrt4     (pdb symbols)        
76690000 76760000   wininet    (pdb symbols)        
76760000 767ab000   gdi32      (deferred)            
767b0000 767dd000   ws2_32     (pdb symbols)        
767e0000 76924000   ole32      (pdb symbols)        
76930000 76aba000   setupapi   (deferred)            
76ac0000 76b33000   comdlg32   (deferred)            
76b40000 76bdd000   user32     (pdb symbols)        
76be0000 76cbb000   kernel32   (pdb symbols)    
76cc0000 76d3d000   usp10      (deferred)            
76d40000 76dea000   msvcrt     (pdb symbols)    
76df0000 76f19000   urlmon     (deferred)            
76f20000 76fad000   oleaut32   (deferred)            
76fb0000 770d7000   ntdll      (pdb symbols)    
770e0000 770e7000   psapi      (deferred)            
770f0000 770f9000   lpk        (deferred)            
77100000 7711e000   imm32      (deferred)            
77120000 77126000   nsi        (deferred)            
77130000 77133000   normaliz   (deferred)            
77140000 77206000   advapi32   (deferred)            
79000000 79046000   mscoree    (deferred)            
7c340000 7c396000   msvcr71    (deferred)            
7c3a0000 7c41b000   msvcp71    (deferred)

Actually, before I quit the debugger, I saved a secured stripped version of the dump file using this command: 

0:000> .dump /mrRFt c:\UserDumps\ie7_pattern_cooperation.dmp

The dump file is available on ftp:

Thread times and stack traces are available in it together with module information. However heap data and critical section list was not included in it.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Universal Memory Dump: A Definition

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Applying  a mathematical definition of a memory dump to natural systems we can introduce:

Universal Memory Dump

    - a snapshot of observables describing the system.

Similar to software memory dump analysis we need a suitable reader and a set of:

Universal Symbol Files

    - semantical mappings or NDB (Nature Data Base) files.

Therefore we have these two categories of universal memory dumps:

  • - Natural Memory Dumps
  • - Software Memory Dumps 

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Forthcoming Windows Debugging via IDA

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

According to Hex Blog IDA v5.4 will be able to do user and kernel local and remote mode debugging on Windows automatically loading PDB files if necessary. I’m now considering to spend a portion of my book author compensation on purchasing a licence for IDA Pro :-)

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Vector Space Chemistry

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I’ve been fascinated by Chemistry since the age of 13-14. At that time I noticed organic formulae on the blackboard of a higher school class and was curious about what they meant. So I asked my mother to bring me a book about Chemistry from a library and she brought a school textbook about Inorganic Chemistry. I read it in a few weeks and proceeded to reading a textbook about Organic Chemistry. At the same time I found in a local library 10 volumes of The Feynman Lectures on Physics (in Russian translation) and started reading the first volumes on classical mechanics and learnt about calculus. Another popular book about Quantum Chemistry raised my curiosity in Quantum Mechanics and Morris Kline’s The Loss of Certainty book (in Russian translation) made me interested in abstract mathematics and its logical and set-theoretical foundations including Gödel’s theorems and intuitionistic mathematics. All this happened before the age of 16 and in one evening when I was reading a Linear Algebra textbook an idea struck me to represent certain aspects of Inorganic Chemistry formalisms like Periodic Table and empirical formulas of chemical compounds as linear vector spaces of element vectors over the field of numbers.

Now OpenTask is going to publish its first popular science book called:

Vector Space Chemistry (ISBN: 978-1906717551) 

with a preface written after 25 years since the discovery of this mathematical model and formalization of Chemistry.

A note for cautious readers: I’m aware about over-excessive application of mathematics in sciences, especially after reading these books:

Fashionable Nonsense and Social Sciences as Sorcery

My book is just a popular science book that explains some chemical and abstract mathematical concepts and provides an example of using Mathematics as a modeling and formalization tool for Chemistry.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Bugtation No.83

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

“Some” tester, “I believe, has said that true pleasure lies not in the discovery of” a bug, “but in the search for it.”

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy,
Anna Karenina

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Bugtation No.82

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Not exactly about bugs:

“It is a terrible thing for” an engineer “to find out suddenly that all his life he has been” writing “nothing but the” code.

Oscar Wilde,
The Importance of Being Earnest

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Next Generation Memory Viewers

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 team starts working on the next generation multi-monitor memory visualization framework utilizing DirectShow, Direct2D, Direct3D and DXGI technologies. Full system architecture and sample code for memory viewers using DirectShow technology will be featured in the forthcoming Computer Memory Visualization book.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Welcome to Mr. Heapocrat!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

New word - new nickname…

Mr. Heapocrat is a member of a powerful group called heap class and a pseudonym for a historian and journalist that Debugged! MZ/PE magazine editorial board has invited to write a history and current affairs column called “Heap Inquiries”.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Software Astrology Blog (Week 2)

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Here is the weekly summary of my Software Astrology blog:

Build Date: December 11

Software Meaning of First Names

Build Date: December 12

Winter Computations 

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Reviews of Hardware

Friday, January 16th, 2009 accepts hardware such as laptops for reviewing in relation to their suitability for extreme debugging, computer forensics, crash dump analysis and memory visualization. If you work for a H/W company like HP, Apple, Dell, Acer, Sony or any other respectable manufacturer please don’t hesitate to forward this post to your management: it could be your company brand or laptop model that debugging and software technical support community chooses next time of upgrade or for T&D / R&D! H/W reviews will be posted on the main portal page which currently has an audience of more than a hundred thousand unique visitors per year from more than 20,000 network locations (*).

If your company is interested please don’t hesitate to use this contact form:

(*) From Google Analytics report.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Updated Memory Timeline

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I’ve updated timeline widget with references to relevant blog posts and also added events that I forgot to add previously and ones that happened since my celebration of 5 years of memory dump analysis in October:

Memory Dump Analysis Portal Timeline

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Cover for Computer Memory Visualization Book

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Last weekend I spent a few hours devising a cover for the forthcoming computer memory visualization book and finally created this one piece cover featuring a journey to the center of pagefile theme and the discovery of cosmic rays in memory:

Coincidentally the whole 100 x 18400 centered slice of pagefile.sys image fit on the cover and nothing was left!

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

What’s in your name? A Debugging Perspective

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

An idea came from one of co-authors of a memory visualization book to interpret my name as Debug monitor interrupt __try (Dmitry) to remember correct spelling. As usual I generalize too much and propose to interpret other names from software and debugging perspective to unearth their hidden meaning:

Jeff (Jump exceptionally from fault) 

Serhat (Structured exception redirection handler trap) 

Sasha (Segment aligned structured handler)

Jamie (Jump across memory if exception)

More name interpretations are coming. Please don’t hesitate to send me yours. :-)

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Ethical Debugging

Monday, January 12th, 2009

While questioning current morally acceptable practices in relation to software I finally understood why I instinctively had never liked live debugging and preferred crash dump analysis instead. Because careless debugging with its destructive techniques was against my unconscious software ethical beliefs.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Software Astrology Blog (Week 1)

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Week 0 was skipped due to New Year holidays. Here is weekly summary of my Software Astrology blog:

Build Date: December 9

On the Moon and Software

Build Date: December 10

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Front Cover for DebugWare Book

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Finally designed a conceptual cover for DebugWare book using command-line theme:

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

Where did the crash dump come from? (Part 2)

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Part 1 focused on using a debugger to extract a computer name from memory dumps. Here is a very simple approach for user dumps using built-in command line tools:

C:\UserDumps>findstr "COMPUTERNAME=" new_0200_2008-04-28_14-11-54-937_0cb0.dmp

Most of the time the last portion of output contains something like this:

..CommonProgramW6432=C:\Program Files\Common Files..COM
\Documents and Settings\User...........................

If we don’t see the variable we can redirect the output into a text file and look in it or simply open a dump in any hex editor and search for a UNICODE string.

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