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C and C++ Programming Books That Made A Great Impression On Me

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

There are many lists for great books but I’d like to share the one that have a more personal touch. These books I wanted to read on the first sight and devoured them when I had an occasion.

First book that made a great impression on me was C Programming Language which I saw and read in 1987 (in Russian translation with very nice hardcover binding). There was a C implementation available on a PDP-11 clone I worked with at that time.

Another book that reinforced my better function prototype reading and pointer declarations was Expert C Programming.

I confess I had a long trouble understanding C++ long back ago despite reading The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup (reading several editions) and Effective C++ series by Scott Meyers partly because of my long practice of Win32 programming using C and partly because I didn’t understand why I needed C++ to do the same. Popular books such as C++ for Real Programmers (in Russian translation) terrified me with their complexity (although I made honest efforts to read them from cover to cover). However, when I saw and started reading the book Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ I really understood why we needed C++ and how it all worked.

After that rereading The C++ Programming Language and (More) Effective C++ books was a great pleasure.

The other part of C++, STL was greatly clarified by reading the following book in 2003 from cover to cover (at that time the first edition): The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference.

Inside the C++ Object Model book clarified C++ implementation issues and helped later with crash dump analysis of C++ programs.

I plan to continue this “Great Impression” series with other topics and also to publish a recommended reading list for C++ based on books from my personal library that started growing when I was an employee at Programming Research in 2001 - 2003:

The row of books is all about C++. Except the big thick red book about English language grammar (as I became interested in other grammars than C++) The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language:

Now !ad debugger command: I’m developing a traning course Deep Down C++ with Memory Dump Analysis.

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