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Blog (Debugging Slang, Part 15)

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Blog - Binary log.

Examples: This program blogged. I’m reading its blog now.

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Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 102)

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Here we show the possible signs of the classical Thread Starvation.
Suppose we have two running threads with a priority 8:

0: kd> !running

System Processors 3 (affinity mask)
  Idle Processors 0

Prcbs  Current   Next   
  0    ffdff120  89a92020            O...............
  1    f7737120  89275020            W...............

0: kd> !thread 89a92020
THREAD 89a92020  Cid 11d8.27d8  Teb: 7ffd9000 Win32Thread: bc1e6860 RUNNING on processor 0
Priority 8 BasePriority 8 PriorityDecrement 0

0: kd> !thread 89275020
THREAD 89275020  Cid 1cd0.2510  Teb: 7ffa9000 Win32Thread: bc343180 RUNNING on processor 1
Priority 8 BasePriority 8 PriorityDecrement 0

If we have other threads ready with the same priority contending for the same processors other threads with less priority might starve (shown in red):

0: kd> !ready
Processor 0: Ready Threads at priority 8
    THREAD 894a1db0  Cid 1a98.25c0  Teb: 7ffde000 Win32Thread: bc19cea8 READY
    THREAD 897c4818  Cid 11d8.1c5c  Teb: 7ffa2000 Win32Thread: bc2c5ba8 READY
    THREAD 8911fd18  Cid 2730.03f4  Teb: 7ffd9000 Win32Thread: bc305830 READY

Processor 0: Ready Threads at priority 7
    THREAD 8a9e5ab0  Cid 0250.0470  Teb: 7ff9f000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8a086838  Cid 0250.0654  Teb: 7ff93000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8984b8b8  Cid 0250.1dc4  Teb: 7ff99000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8912a4c0  Cid 0f4c.2410  Teb: 7ff81000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 89e5c570  Cid 0f4c.01c8  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
Processor 0: Ready Threads at priority 6
    THREAD 8a9353b0  Cid 1584.1598  Teb: 7ff8b000 Win32Thread: bc057698 READY
    THREAD 8aba2020  Cid 1584.15f0  Teb: 7ff9f000 Win32Thread: bc2a0ea8 READY
    THREAD 8aab17a0  Cid 1584.01a8  Teb: 7ff92000 Win32Thread: bc316ea8 READY
    THREAD 8a457020  Cid 1584.0634  Teb: 7ff8d000 Win32Thread: bc30fea8 READY
    THREAD 8a3d4020  Cid 1584.1510  Teb: 7ff8f000 Win32Thread: bc15b8a0 READY
    THREAD 8a5f5db0  Cid 1584.165c  Teb: 7ff9d000 Win32Thread: bc171be8 READY
    THREAD 8a297020  Cid 0f4c.0f54  Teb: 7ffde000 Win32Thread: bc20fda0 READY
    THREAD 8a126020  Cid 1584.175c  Teb: 7ffa9000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8a548478  Cid 0250.07b0  Teb: 7ff9a000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8a478020  Cid 0944.0988  Teb: 7ffd9000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8986ad08  Cid 1d2c.1cf0  Teb: 7ffa8000 Win32Thread: bc285800 READY
    THREAD 897f4db0  Cid 1d2c.2554  Teb: 7ffdb000 Win32Thread: bc238e80 READY
    THREAD 89a2e618  Cid 1d2c.1de4  Teb: 7ffdd000 Win32Thread: bc203908 READY
Processor 0: Ready Threads at priority 0
    THREAD 8b184db0  Cid 0004.0008  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY

Processor 1: Ready Threads at priority 8
    THREAD 89d89db0  Cid 1b10.20ac  Teb: 7ffd7000 Win32Thread: bc16e680 READY
    THREAD 891f24a8  Cid 1e2c.20d0  Teb: 7ffda000 Win32Thread: bc1b9ea8 READY
    THREAD 89214db0  Cid 1e2c.24d4  Teb: 7ffd7000 Win32Thread: bc24ed48 READY
    THREAD 89a28020  Cid 1b10.21b4  Teb: 7ffa7000 Win32Thread: bc25b3b8 READY
    THREAD 891e03b0  Cid 1a98.05c4  Teb: 7ffdb000 Win32Thread: bc228bb0 READY
    THREAD 891b0020  Cid 1cd0.0144  Teb: 7ffde000 Win32Thread: bc205ea8 READY

Processor 1: Ready Threads at priority 7
    THREAD 898367a0  Cid 0f4c.1cd4  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8a1ac020  Cid 0f4c.1450  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8aa1ab90  Cid 0f4c.11b0  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 89cc92e0  Cid 0f4c.1b34  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 89579020  Cid 0f4c.2220  Teb: 00000000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
Processor 1: Ready Threads at priority 6
    THREAD 8a487db0  Cid 1584.14bc  Teb: 7ffa2000 Win32Thread: bc304ea8 READY
    THREAD 8a3ce020  Cid 1584.0630  Teb: 7ff8e000 Win32Thread: bc293c20 READY
    THREAD 8a1b6db0  Cid 1584.1590  Teb: 7ff8c000 Win32Thread: bc310ea8 READY
    THREAD 8a1fe6e0  Cid 1584.15ec  Teb: 7ffa1000 Win32Thread: bc15bea8 READY
    THREAD 8ac0adb0  Cid 1584.156c  Teb: 7ff8a000 Win32Thread: bc153be8 READY
    THREAD 8b1e35a0  Cid 1584.15f4  Teb: 7ff9e000 Win32Thread: bc0567e8 READY
    THREAD 8a3288e8  Cid 1584.14b8  Teb: 7ff9a000 Win32Thread: bc2fbea8 READY
    THREAD 8a5056a0  Cid 1584.1518  Teb: 7ff91000 Win32Thread: bc337ea8 READY
    THREAD 891afdb0  Cid 1d2c.27e8  Teb: 7ffaf000 Win32Thread: bc217c18 READY
    THREAD 8a07d308  Cid 1d2c.2548  Teb: 7ffae000 Win32Thread: bc235750 READY
    THREAD 8a055d18  Cid 1584.17d0  Teb: 7ffd5000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY
    THREAD 8ac0b770  Cid 0250.0268  Teb: 7ffde000 Win32Thread: bc2349d8 READY
    THREAD 8a0eeb40  Cid 1584.1560  Teb: 7ffdc000 Win32Thread: 00000000 READY

Here we should also analyze stack traces for running and ready threads with priority 8 and check kernel and user times. If we find anything common between them we should also check ready threads with lower priority to see if that commonality is unique to threads with priority 8. See also the similar pattern: Busy System and the similar starvation pattern resulted from realtime priority threads.

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Contemplating Crash Dumps in Chinese

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Sometimes I accidentally use du WinDbg command (to interpret memory as Unicode) instead of da (to interpret memory as ASCII):

0:000> db 07329f28 l20
07329f28  68 69 64 70 6e 73 74 3d-26 74 78 74 74 6f 3d 26  hidpnst=&txtto=&
07329f38  74 78 74 63 63 3d 26 74-78 74 62 63 63 3d 26 74  txtcc=&txtbcc=&t

0:000> da 07329f28 l20
07329f28  "hidpnst=&txtto=&txtcc=&txtbcc=&t"

0:000> du 07329f28 l10
07329f28  "楨灤獮㵴琦瑸潴.硴捴㵣琦瑸换㵣琦"

This time I tried to get extra hidden meaning from a process dump taken after the process suffered a CPU spike by using Google translator and got this text (I put more lengthy Unicode sequence and removed some offensive words):

"Luan Xian Zhen Qi-bin 㵴 cisternae. Huasong 㵣 Qi, Qi-bin-bin for 㵣 pull 㵪 䕒 .. 䉉 Ya Hui material. Hong SHIKA King. Huajiayuyan nuts .. 䐰 〥 䅁 evil force. Rafter Hui Qi 䤫 Mi cat deterrent Junying hydrogen walk. cisternae Huzhao Man cat Wuzhou Wen Zhen Zhao Zhen Pan scene file Shan. prison Shang Tang. Jue Shi Pan. sewage knock Xi. generous Zhen. 䤫. ice. conflict. cisternae Zhao askance nuts. rafter .. On unfeigned domain knock. Kagesue Mankuo. 㜲 Ruo Yi enemy luster of gems. cisternae Yu Wei Shan scene. Tan knock Shan. tally Xia Pan Ying. rafter. Xia. luster of gems tumultuous. Jing Feng-Tou Airuo enemy luster of gems Yixian … additionally . Tu. civet eliminating the lot Shan Ying RB Thieme, Jr.-Voltage trapping Feng-潷 Man. Tan knock Ruo Yi Xian cat enemy luster of gems. rafter Shi Feng-Tou. Mu. Minli Bang domain sewage Huitangyuzhao Su-hai.-Voltage Jiumi. rafter. Qing Wei Jun. 歳 Mi hai 䤫 Panyu. Zhucuoqufang .. 䐰 〥. 䐰 〥 䥁 hydrogen walk. rafter. Mount Zao Man. .. Run-Voltage Rendering. Tang Ying Yi. Shisuqingshi Fangmaosheji Yu Zhao 䤫 Su-. tide. tatami knock Feng-generous. rafter. Min luster of gems. Que Tu Mei Shi Tang Pan Ying. Jijue-Voltage. rafter. Wei Hui Mongoose Feng-. hunting. rafter. revolves Recent-Voltage sewage 䤫. stay Jiao RB Thieme, Jr soup.潷 Han.’m setback Xun. Han Tun petty. Liaohe. 䥔 end of Tu Feng-generous. rafter Xiang Shan Li Tu. trapping the end of sleep ZHEJIANG NORMAL Feng-Tou Yu Xun Jing Wen Fang 䤫 .. 䠫 pine and methods of disease. tatami knock Feng-generous. apply Feng-evil force fell Junying Su-Ao Po .. knock .. Tan Li Shan Jie look askance alone. ㅆ Guang Tang rafter. pool just cultural and"

From the translation I see previously hidden notions of gems, disease and evil forces :-)


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Dictionary of Debugging: 8

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


A separating digit of user space and kernel space in equi-bipartitional 32-bit virtual memory, for example, on x86 Windows systems:

80833491 nt!KiSwapContext+0×26
80828f2b nt!KiSwapThread+0×2e5
8099490a nt!KeDelayExecutionThread+0×2ab
808897cc nt!NtDelayExecution+0×84
7c82860c nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc
7c826f69 ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet
7c83d454 ntdll!NtDelayExecution+0xc
77e6482f ntdll!RtlpTimerThread+0×47
00000000 kernel32!BaseThreadStart+0×34

lkd> lm
start end module name
77bd0000 77c19000 GDI32
77c20000 77cbf000 RPCRT4
77cd0000 77d5b000 OLEAUT32
77e20000 77eb2000 USER32
77ec0000 77f12000 SHLWAPI
77f30000 77fdc000 ADVAPI32
7c800000 7c915000 kernel32
7c920000 7c9e8000 ntdll
7c9f0000 7d1f9000 SHELL32
7e020000 7e02f000 SAMLIB

80800000 80a5d000 nt
80a5d000 80a89000 hal
bf800000 bf9d0000 win32k

This number doesn’t continue to be used in the same way on x64 Windows systems, for example:

RetAddr Call Site
fffff800`0167e082 nt!KiSwapContext+0×7a
fffff800`0167a34b nt!KiCommitThreadWait+0×1d2
fffff800`01973def nt!KeWaitForMultipleObjects+0×271
fffff800`019746f6 nt!ObpWaitForMultipleObjects+0×294
fffff800`01675ed3 nt!NtWaitForMultipleObjects+0xe5
00000000`77ca030a nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0×13

lkd> lm
start end module name
00000000`774a0000 00000000`7756d000 USER32
00000000`77570000 00000000`7769d000 kernel32
00000000`776a0000 00000000`77826000 ntdll
00000000`ffe60000 00000000`ffec0000 services
000007fe`fca90000 000007fe`fca97000 wshtcpip
000007fe`fcae0000 000007fe`fcb0c000 NTMARTA
000007fe`fcbe0000 000007fe`fcc34000 schannel
000007fe`fce10000 000007fe`fce5f000 mswsock
000007fe`fcf60000 000007fe`fcf69000 credssp
000007fe`fcf90000 000007fe`fcf97000 wship6
000007fe`fd0d0000 000007fe`fd207000 CRYPT32
000007fe`fd260000 000007fe`fd279000 MSASN1
000007fe`fd5a0000 000007fe`fd5b6000 NCObjAPI
000007fe`fd5c0000 000007fe`fd625000 SCESRV
000007fe`fd630000 000007fe`fd665000 apphelp
000007fe`fd680000 000007fe`fd6a6000 AUTHZ
000007fe`fd950000 000007fe`fd96c000 Secur32
000007fe`fd970000 000007fe`fd996000 USERENV
000007fe`fd9a0000 000007fe`fd9bc000 SAMLIB
000007fe`fdc80000 000007fe`fdce4000 GDI32
000007fe`fdd10000 000007fe`fdd1d000 LPK
000007fe`fdd20000 000007fe`fde28000 ADVAPI32
000007fe`fde30000 000007fe`fdecc000 msvcrt
000007fe`fded0000 000007fe`fdefd000 IMM32
000007fe`fdf00000 000007fe`fe0d8000 ole32
000007fe`fe0e0000 000007fe`fe0e7000 NSI
000007fe`fe190000 000007fe`fe22a000 USP10
000007fe`fe230000 000007fe`fe373000 RPCRT4
000007fe`ff340000 000007fe`ff395000 WLDAP32
000007fe`ff540000 000007fe`ff584000 WS2_32
000007fe`ff7d0000 000007fe`ff8d2000 MSCTF

fffff800`01802000 fffff800`01848000 hal
fffff800`01848000 fffff800`01d60000 nt
fffff960`000f0000 fffff960`003a1000 win32k



Also: virtual memory, user space, kernel space, x86, x64, 7

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