Pattern Cooperation

The collection of pattern-driven crash dump and software trace analysis case studies:

Spiking Thread, Top Module, Module Hint, and Memory Fluctuation

Virtualized process, stack trace collection, COM interface invocation subtrace, active thread, spiking thread, last error collection, RIP stack trace, value references, namespace, and module hint

Incomplete session, ALPC and critical section wait chains, blocked thread and dialog box

Stack trace collection, message box, self-diagnosis, version-specific extension, managed stack trace and managed code exception

Main thread, self-diagnosis, window message chain, blocking module, ubiquitous component, dual stack trace, pipe wait chain and coupled machines

Abridged dump, embedded comment, spiking thread, incorrect stack trace and top module

Basic facts, periodic error and defamiliarizing effect

Incorrect stack trace, stack overflow, early crash dump, nested exception, problem exception handler and same vendor

Extremely inconsitent dump and CPU spike

Insufficient kernel pool memory, spiking thread and data contents locality

ALPC wait chains, missing threads, waiting thread time and semantic process coupling

Stack trace collection, special process, LPC and critical section wait chains, blocked thread, coupled machines, thread waiting time and IRP distribution anomaly

IRP distribution anomaly, inconsistent dump, execution residue, hardware activity, coincidental symbolic information, not my version and virtualized system

Strong process coupling, stack trace collection, critical section corruption and wait chains, message box, self-diagnosis, hidden exception and dynamic memory corruption

Main thread, critical section wait chains, critical section deadlock, stack trace collection, execution residue, data contents locality, self-diagnosis and not my version

Adjoint threads, discontinuity and time delta

Fault context, wild code and hardware error

Inconsistent dump, stack trace collection, LPC, thread, process, executive resource wait chains, missing threads and waiting thread time

Wait chain, blocked thread, waiting thread time, IRP distribution anomaly and stack trace collection

Stack trace collection, missing threads, waiting time, critical section and LPC wait chains

Statement current, coupled processes, wait chain, spiking thread, hidden exception, message box and not my version

Critical section high contention and wait chains, blocked threads, and periodic error

ALPC wait chain, missing threads, message box, zombie and special processes

Truncated dump, stack trace collection, waiting thread time and wait chains

Stack trace collection, suspended threads, not my version, special process, main thread and blocked LPC chain threads

NULL data pointer, stack trace, inline function optimization and platformorphic fault

WOW64 process, NULL data pointer, stack overflow, main thread, incorrect stack trace, nested exceptions, hidden exception, manual dump, multiple exceptions and virtualized system

Virtualized process, incorrect stack trace, stack trace collection, multiple exceptions, optimized code and C++ exception

Blocked LPC thread, coupled processes, stack trace collection and blocked GUI thread

Stack trace collection, message box, hidden exception, nested offender, insufficient memory, C++ exception, heap leak and ubiquitous component

Null data pointer, pass through functions and platformorphic fault

Invalid pointer, incorrect stack trace, multiple exceptions, insufficient memory and memory leak

Inconsistent dump, blocked threads, wait chains, incorrect stack trace and process factory

Main blocked thread, missing component, execution residue and data contents locality

Manual dump, virtualized process, stack trace collection, multiple exceptions, optimized code, wild code pointer, incorrect stack trace and hidden exception

Stack trace, invalid code pointer and hooked functions

Stack trace collection, blocked threads, pass through functions and main thread

Heap corruption, module variety, execution residue, coincidental symbolic information and critical section corruption

Null data pointer, incorrect stack trace, changed environment, hooked functions and coincidental symbolic information

Blocked thread, historical information, execution residue, hidden exception, dynamic memory corruption, incorrect stack trace and not my version

Manual and early crash dump, stack trace collection, main thread, blocked threads and pass through functions

NULL Data Pointer

Blocked threads, message box and self-diagnosis

Manual dump, wait chain, blocked thread, dynamic memory corruption and historical information

Coupled processes, wait chains, message box, waiting thread time, paged out data, incorrect stack trace, hidden exception, unknown component and execution residue

Manual dump, dynamic memory corruption, blocked threads, stack trace collection, multiple exceptions, wait chains and deadlock

Busy system, blocked threads, wait chains and deadlock

Insufficient memory, handle leak, process factory, high contention and busy system

Stack trace collection, blocked thread and coupled processes

Swarm of shared locks, blocked threads and waiting time

NULL code pointer, changed environment, hooked functions and execution residue

Memory leak, spiking threads, wait chain, high critical section contention and module variety

Insufficient memory, handle leak, wait chain, deadlock, inconsistent dump and overaged system

Blocked GUI thread, wait chain and virtualized process

Wait chain and spiking thread

Invalid handle, stack trace collection, multiple exceptions, invalid pointer, data alignment on page boundary, dynamic memory corruption and not my version

WOW64, blocked threads and coupled processes

Stack trace collection, hidden exception and NULL code pointer

Truncated dump, spiking thread, not my version and hooked functions

Lateral damage, stack overflow and execution residue

Early crash dump, blocked thread, not my version and lost opportunity

Heap and early crash dump

Heap and spike

Exception and deadlock

Multiple patterns in a dump: case study