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Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 115)

Monday, October 12th, 2015

By analogy with Adjoint Thread of Activity we introduce Adjoint Message analysis pattern. Most if not all analysis patterns focus on log message text and consider TID, PID, Module, source file and function as its attributes. However, we can choose one of attributes and consider it as a message in its own right with the original message text consigned now as another attribute. Then we can analyze the structure of the trace from the perspective of that newly selected message:

Since the number of different message values now is smaller (for example, module names) compared to normal trace messages we can use them in protein-like encoding and structure analysis schemes (see Software Trace and Logs as Proteins). We metaphorically name Adjoint Messages as Amino-acid-Messages (A-Messages). We can also compress same message sequences into one message which may be useful for pattern matching (and even use different color intensities to represent message cardinalities):

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