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Icons for Memory Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 53)

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Today we introduce an icon for Passive System Thread (kernel space) pattern:



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Music for Debugging: Retry, Abort, Escape

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Finally found music appropriate for ETW / CDF trace analysis. It’s Andre Gagnon’s album Escape:

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Here’s my version of track titles (some of them are also appropriate for crash dump analysis) with my comments in italics:

1. Non Fatal Error
2. Trace Dance (Samba)
3. En Hive
4. Char, The
5. L”Debug”
6. “Memoria”L
7. Process Hearts (cores)
8. Holidays (, but always looking back)
9. WOW (64)
10. DA+TA Master
11. Concert for 4 Threads (“Concertino” doesn’t sound good here)
12. Toc-Cat-ta of Strings
13. Bugville Promenade (along bug clusters?)
14. MOVS
15. The Sea Named Trace (after Solaris movie)
16. Catching The Bottle (it is often difficult to find a relevant problem message in a billion-line trace)
17. Debug Me Tender (DebugLove?)

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