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Software Diagnostics Services

Friday, July 13th, 2012

For some time I was struggling with finding a good name for memory dump and software trace analysis activities. The name Memoretics I use for the science of memory dump analysis (that also incorporates software traces) seems not so good to describe the whole practical activity that should be transparent to everyone in IT. Fortunately, I timely understood that all these activities constitute the essence of software diagnostics that previously lacked any solid foundation. Thus, Software Diagnostics Institute was reborn from the previous Crash Dump Analysis Portal. This institute does pure and applied research and scientific activities and in recent years was funded mainly from OpenTask publisher and recently from Memory Dump Analysis Services. The latter company also recognized that the broadening of its commercial activities requires a new name. So, Software Diagnostics Services was reborn:

The First Comprehensive Software Diagnostics Service

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Choosing a School: Second Level Education in Ireland

Monday, April 25th, 2011

It’s time to select a secondary level school for my kids in advance. I wasn’t aware that such books exist and I was delighted when I saw the book in a local library. Unfortunately, my expectations weren’t met: 2/3rds of the book is just the list of schools and the text is too academic and politically correct for any good use except to reinforce common sense although I didn’t expect to hear saucy stories. Just two insights I found useful: some parents don’t enroll their children in the nearest school because they perceive themselves as not very responsible if they do that and don’t blindly trust school ranks in academic examination results as they might be influenced by school size. So my conclusion is that this book might be of some help to reevaluate your commitments if you rely too much on certain knowledge acquisition mechanisms such as “grapevine”, never thought about participating in PTA (Parent Teacher Association) or want to hear what Principles carefully say from their side. Some bibliography might be useful if you want to continue this research further on. However, the authors warn that no so much of it exists for Ireland.

Choosing a School: Second Level Education in Ireland

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