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Software Narratology helps Fiction Writers

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Any DA+TA source (dump artifact + trace artifact) can be used to generate and validate narrative fiction where memory dump components provide fiction structure and software trace components provide behaviour (plot and story):

I already use such help in writing fiction books (”computational” novels) and use trace analysis patterns in validating historical narratives (with Excel and software trace viewers as tools). Here fiction is in no way different from software fictions outlined in the article about software stories. Please also note 2 other fields along with software narratology (SN was defined in mid 2009 where the first pattern appeared earlier in 2009) that are under development: software chorology and chorographyAdjoint threads and trace analysis patterns are the major contributions from SN.

Final note: Because we consider memory dumps in a general sense (e.g. philosophy of memoidealism where any data is a memory dump) and software trace narremes as small memory dumps (mid 2009) any data stream potentially can be represented as some fictional or real story. And vice versa, any story can be transformed into corresponding computer memory dumps and software traces (for example, the narralog language is being designed to model software stories).

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From Writing Software to Writing

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

“Writing is more challenging than writing software”
Dmitry Vostokov

I think I haven’t noticed the so called midlife crisis after I started to blogging, writing and publishing. More important, I transferred my software engineering skills directly to writing and publishing books. Although, honestly, much has to be done to improve these new activities. On 29-07-2004, I complained on a famous Russian RSDN form (original, translated from Russian):

“After so many years of continuous reading of computer books there’s nothing to read anymore. All good books have been read and the rest is not worth reading or they just repeat the same. Please don’t tell me about “life”, I have family and kids. I moved to reading computer science books, logic and foundation of mathematics. After that, programming is no longer interesting to me. Could it be a midlife crisis?”

Actually, after more than 5 years of uninterrupted memory dump analysis since that post, programming didn’t become less interesting but I gained more insights into the workings of Software where previously I considered mastering semantics of C++ or UML skills the highest possible achievement of a software engineer.

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