Contemplating Crash Dumps in Chinese

Sometimes I accidentally use du WinDbg command (to interpret memory as Unicode) instead of da (to interpret memory as ASCII):

0:000> db 07329f28 l20
07329f28  68 69 64 70 6e 73 74 3d-26 74 78 74 74 6f 3d 26  hidpnst=&txtto=&
07329f38  74 78 74 63 63 3d 26 74-78 74 62 63 63 3d 26 74  txtcc=&txtbcc=&t

0:000> da 07329f28 l20
07329f28  "hidpnst=&txtto=&txtcc=&txtbcc=&t"

0:000> du 07329f28 l10
07329f28  "楨灤獮㵴琦瑸潴.硴捴㵣琦瑸换㵣琦"

This time I tried to get extra hidden meaning from a process dump taken after the process suffered a CPU spike by using Google translator and got this text (I put more lengthy Unicode sequence and removed some offensive words):

"Luan Xian Zhen Qi-bin 㵴 cisternae. Huasong 㵣 Qi, Qi-bin-bin for 㵣 pull 㵪 䕒 .. 䉉 Ya Hui material. Hong SHIKA King. Huajiayuyan nuts .. 䐰 〥 䅁 evil force. Rafter Hui Qi 䤫 Mi cat deterrent Junying hydrogen walk. cisternae Huzhao Man cat Wuzhou Wen Zhen Zhao Zhen Pan scene file Shan. prison Shang Tang. Jue Shi Pan. sewage knock Xi. generous Zhen. 䤫. ice. conflict. cisternae Zhao askance nuts. rafter .. On unfeigned domain knock. Kagesue Mankuo. 㜲 Ruo Yi enemy luster of gems. cisternae Yu Wei Shan scene. Tan knock Shan. tally Xia Pan Ying. rafter. Xia. luster of gems tumultuous. Jing Feng-Tou Airuo enemy luster of gems Yixian … additionally . Tu. civet eliminating the lot Shan Ying RB Thieme, Jr.-Voltage trapping Feng-潷 Man. Tan knock Ruo Yi Xian cat enemy luster of gems. rafter Shi Feng-Tou. Mu. Minli Bang domain sewage Huitangyuzhao Su-hai.-Voltage Jiumi. rafter. Qing Wei Jun. 歳 Mi hai 䤫 Panyu. Zhucuoqufang .. 䐰 〥. 䐰 〥 䥁 hydrogen walk. rafter. Mount Zao Man. .. Run-Voltage Rendering. Tang Ying Yi. Shisuqingshi Fangmaosheji Yu Zhao 䤫 Su-. tide. tatami knock Feng-generous. rafter. Min luster of gems. Que Tu Mei Shi Tang Pan Ying. Jijue-Voltage. rafter. Wei Hui Mongoose Feng-. hunting. rafter. revolves Recent-Voltage sewage 䤫. stay Jiao RB Thieme, Jr soup.潷 Han.’m setback Xun. Han Tun petty. Liaohe. 䥔 end of Tu Feng-generous. rafter Xiang Shan Li Tu. trapping the end of sleep ZHEJIANG NORMAL Feng-Tou Yu Xun Jing Wen Fang 䤫 .. 䠫 pine and methods of disease. tatami knock Feng-generous. apply Feng-evil force fell Junying Su-Ao Po .. knock .. Tan Li Shan Jie look askance alone. ㅆ Guang Tang rafter. pool just cultural and"

From the translation I see previously hidden notions of gems, disease and evil forces :-)


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  1. vicious Says:

    Although I am Chinese, I can not understand them…

  2. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Because you are a human and not a machine like a Google translator! :-)

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