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Architecture of CARE

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Here is the description of a high-level architecture of the previously announced project CARE (Crash Analysis Report Environment). To remind, the main idea of the project is to process memory dumps on a client to save debugger logs. They can be sent to a server for pattern-driven analysis of software behaviour. Textual logs can also be inspected by a client security team before sending. Certain sensitive information can be excluded or modified to have generic meaning according to the built-in processing rules like renaming (for example, server names and folders). Before processing, verified secured logs are converted to abstract debugger logs. Abstracting platform-specific debugger log format allows reuse of the same architecture for different computer platforms. We call it CIA (Computer Independent Architecture). Do not confuse it with ICA (Independent Computer Architecture) and CIA acronym is more appropriate for memory analysis (like similar MAFIA acronym, Memory Analysis Forensics and Intelligence Architecture). These abstract logs are checked for various patterns (in abstracted form) using abstract debugger commands and an abstract report is generated according to various checklists. Abstract reports are then converted to structured reports for the required audience level. Abstract memory analysis pattern descriptions are prepared from platform-specific pattern descriptions. In certain architectural component deployment configurations both client and server parts can reside on the same machine. Here’s the simple diagram depicting the flow of processing:

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