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Notation for Memory and Trace Analysis (Part 1)

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

It is time now to introduce a syntactical notation for memory (dump) and software trace analysis pattern languages (in addition to graphical notation proposed earlier). It should be simple and concise: allow easy grammar with plain syntax and obvious reading semantics. We propose to use capitalized letters for major pattern categories, for example, W for wait chains and D for deadlocks. Then use subscripts (or small letters) for pattern subcategories, for example, Wcs and Dlpc. Several categories and subcategories can be combined by using slash (/), for example, Wcs/Dcs/lpc. Slash notation is better viewed using subscripts:


Next part will introduce more categories and propose notational adornments for pattern succession, space differentiation and the inclusion of details in notational sentences.

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