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Software Narratology (Literary Theory Terms, Part 1): ab ovo, in medias res, flashback, abridged edition

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Ab ovo is a software story (for example, a trace or log, a problem description, see software narratology square) that starts from the beginning of the use case events it narrates (see also Use Case Trail analysis patterns) or the start of software execution (see also Visibility Limit analysis pattern). Logging may start from some middle event of a use case, source code (see also Declarative Trace analysis pattern), or a log may be a part of a larger full trace (see also a software narratological framework for presenting software stories): in medias res. Such software stories may also have flashbacks, for example, stack traces, especially in software problem descriptions. Often, flashbacks are the only available software stories. Some tracing and logging sessions may be deliberately shortened to save space, communication throughput, or other reasons like security, similar to abridged editions of literary works (see also Abridged Dump and Missing Component analysis patterns). Such editions of software execution artifacts often hinder analysis (see Lateral Damage analysis pattern).

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