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Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 171)

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Log message “frequencies” in time domain (Statement Current part) are addressed by Fourier Activity analysis pattern. However, we may have varying message density (Statement Density part) across different trace runs (space domain, irrespective of time irregularities):

According to OED, in computing and mathematics a string means “a linear sequence of records or data” and “a sequence of symbols or linguistic elements in a definite order”. So we propose to name this pattern that analyzes densities of messages or Activity Regions as Trace String. Such longitudinal “vibrations” can be compared and analyzed for anomalies across different log runs (Inter-Correlation) or across similar regions in the same log (Intra-Correlation). Here we consider message density change as a one-dimensional displacement. The analogy for this pattern came from one-dimensional vibrating strings (dual resonance model from 1969-70 by Nambu, Nielsen, and Leonard Susskind).

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