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Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 79)

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

We mostly analyse real messages in software traces and logs. In such message streams we may see easily detectable Discontinuity patterns. However, in some cases it is beneficial to analyse the absence of messages. Message stream is not uniform, there may be different currents. If time resolution is 1 ms, for example, then we may have a current N msg/ms or in the case of lesser current, such as, 0.5 msg/ms we have the so called Silent Messages (—-):

11 ms: message
12 ms: ----
13 ms: message
14 ms: ----
15 ms: message
16 ms: message
17 ms: ----
18 ms: ----
19 ms: message

So, by a silent message we understand the possible message that would occupy the minimal time resolution gap. If we look at the following illustration we would see that the whole pattern analysis apparatus can be applied to the analysis of distribution of silent messages.

Silent Messages pattern is different from Discontinuity pattern because the latter is about large unexpected silences and Sparse Trace which is about missing trace statements from source code.

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