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WindowHistory 3.0

Monday, January 1st, 2007

WindowHistory tool has been significantly rewritten and improved to make it better for troubleshooting and debugging GUI. What’s new in this version:

  • Real-time support: windows are tracked as they are created and destroyed, their position and size are changed, etc.
  • Dramatically improved speed, no matter how many windows you have in your session WindowHistory is fast and has minimum impact on the system (O(log(n)))
  • Better formatted output
  • Fixed bugs found in previous version
  • Easter egg (hold <Shift> key and click on About button)


It is a native Windows application written in C++/STL/MFC/Win32.

There are two packages: WindowHistory32 and WindowHistory64. Both can be downloaded from Citrix support web site:

To use download, unpack and run WindowHistory(64).exe.

To uninstall just remove files.

Note: although 32-bit version will run on x64 Windows too, real-time support for 64-bit application windows will not be available. For x64 Windows please use WindowHistory64 which correctly handles both 64-bit and 32-bit application windows.

The following UML collaboration diagram depicts schematically how WindowHistory64 gets notifications from 32-bit windows:

If you want to track window messages and processes simultaneously run it with MessageHistory and ProcessHistory tools.

 - Dmitry Vostokov -