Introducing Diagnomicon

Recently we noticed the increased usage of -nomicon Ancient Greek suffix that signifies books with some length, prominence within, and importance to some field of knowledge, or simply, "pertaining to rules," or "book of." It is a combination of nomos (νόμος, law), and icon (εἰκών eikon, image). At the same time, We've been using the Memory Dump Analysis Anthology phrase for more than 15 years and used to abbreviate it as MDAA. Over the years, this massive book sequence accumulated almost 5,000 pages and now includes writing on trace and log analysis and diagnostics in general. We found that the word Diagnomicon was never used before (perhaps we even coined it), and we took it as an extra MDAA book name. We also acquired the domain that currently points to Software Diagnostics Institute, but we plan to make it a separate website soon dedicated to marketing the MDAA collection entirely.