Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 191)

Sometimes we need to check under what security principal or group we run a process or what privileges it has or whether it has impersonating threads. We call this pattern Deviant Token when we find, for example, an unexpected token with a different security identifier, for example, Network Service instead of Local System (SID: S-1-5-18):

PROCESS 8f218d88  SessionId: 0  Cid: 09c4    Peb: 7ffdf000  ParentCid: 0240
DirBase: bffd4260  ObjectTable: e10eae90  HandleCount:  93.
Image: ServiceA.exe
VadRoot 8f1f70e8 Vads 141 Clone 0 Private 477. Modified 2. Locked 0.
DeviceMap e10038d8
Token                             e10ff5d8

0: kd> !token e10ff5d8
_TOKEN e10ff5d8
TS Session ID: 0
User: S-1-5-20

Well-known SIDs can be found in this MS article:

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