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Debugging Printer Drivers (Microsoft)
Uninformed - security, reverse engineering and low-level
Production Debugging for .NET Framework Applications
Debugging NDIS Drivers
NDIS Developer's Reference
The NDIS Blog
Smart Questions
WinDbg. From A to Z!
Common WinDbg Commands (Thematically Grouped)
Windows Internals University Courses and Presentations
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Heaps and heap corruption
Basic Windows Crash Dump Analysis
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Lectures about kernel internals
Process internals
XP/2003 Debugging Internals (part 1)
XP/2003 Debugging Internals (part 2)
XP/2003 Debugging Internals (part 3)
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WinDbg, SOS and .NET debugging blog (2)
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Microsoft Critical Problem Resolution Platforms Team blog
x86 - x64 processors
Debug Tutorial Part 1: Beginning Debugging Using CDB and NTSD
Debug Tutorial Part 2: The Stack
Debug Tutorial Part 3: The Heap
Debug Tutorial Part 4: Writing WINDBG Extensions
Debug Tutorial Part 5: Handle Leaks
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Debug Tutorial Part 7: Locks and Synchronization Objects
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Critical Sections
WOW64 (1)
WOW64 (2)
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Larry Osterman's blog about Win32 and debugging
Debugging service startup and Debugging startup code of services and COM servers
Debugging Guide
Automatic capture of full user dumps on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
.NET JIT compilation and resulted native x86 code
SOSEX .NET WinDbg extension
Capturing dumps for managed code processes (DbgManagedDebugger
and DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting)

C++ exceptions
Rootkits, WinDbg and WinDbg scripts
Understanding the Low Fragmentation Heap
x64 Deep Dive
WER Services blog
Kernel dump storage and clean up behavior in Windows 7
Win32k User-Mode Callbacks
Debug Interface Access SDK
Debugging for Starters
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Developer's Manual: Combined Volumes
Troubleshooting and debugging in a Windows environment
Catalog of Windows kernel PODs
Extensive overview of TDI
Microsoft crash dump format
Advanced x86 virtualization
Driver Development Part 1: Introduction to Drivers
Driver Development Part 2: Introduction to Implementing IOCTLs
Driver Development Part 3: Introduction to driver contexts
Driver Development Part 4: Introduction to device stacks
Driver Development Part 5: Introduction to the Transport Device Interface
Driver Development Part 6: Introduction to Display Drivers
I/O in Device Drivers
Exploring the Microsoft Windows crash dump stack
What’s inside a PDB File?


Debugging Linux Applications


Crash Dump Analysis on Solaris x86 - AMD64


Debugging Kernel Problems


POSIX Threads Programming

Static Analysis

PRQA Programming Research (I worked there in the past)


Tracing for beginners