Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 250)

For completeness, we add Aggregated Frames analysis pattern implemented as “aggregated stack trace” in various software performance profiling tools. Such tools periodically record CPU Stack Trace Collection. Other tools profile memory allocations and their stack traces. By aggregation we mean summing up occurrences of modules and functions from all collected stack traces similar to this table:

ModuleA         88%
   +0x234          42%
   +0x123           8%
   !foo            38%
      +0xd            30%
      +0x56            2%
   !bar             6%
      +0x18            6%
ModuleB         12%
   !export         12%
      +0x2380          1%
      +0x1224          6%
      +0x3812          5%

Related to memory dump analysis we can either use Stack Trace Collection to detect Ubiquitous Component in user and kernel spaces, or database Stack Traces, for example, used in detection of process heap, handle, and reference Memory Leaks.

We do not include “stack” in the name of this pattern because frames are not sorted by the execution direction compared to Unified Stack Trace analysis pattern where we have some notion of aggregation depicted as multiplicities.

We can also name it as Frame Usage Signature similar to Stack Trace Signature.

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