Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 36)

When reading and analyzing software traces we always compare them to Master Trace. Other names for this pattern borrowed from narrative theory include Canonical Trace or Archetype. When looking at the software trace from a system we either know the correct sequence of Activity Regions, expect certain Background and Foreground Components, Event Sequence Order or mentally construct a model based on our experience and Implementation Discourse. For the latter example software engineers internalize software master narratives when they construct code and write tracing code for supportability. For the former example it is important to have a repository of traces corresponding to master traces. This helps in finding deviations after Bifurcation Point. Consider such comparisons similar to regression testing when we check the computation output against the expected prerecorded sequence.

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  1. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Metatrace was removed from other names because we now use it as a separate pattern with its own different meaning.

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