Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 27)

Like in a literature (and in a narratology in general) we have components that trace themselves and components that tell the story of a computation including status updates they query about other components and subsystems. This pattern gets its name Diegetic Messages from diegesis. Here’s the difference between diegetic (in blue bold) and non-diegetic trace messages:

PID    TID    TIME          MESSAGE     
11864  11912  06:34:53.598  ModuleA: foo called bar. Status OK.
11620  10372  06:34:59.754  ModuleB: ModuleA integrity check. Status OK.

Some modules may emit messages that tell about their status but from their message text we know the larger computation story like in a process startup sequence example.  

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  1. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Also compare messages from Process Monitor about system activity that are diegetic. Another way is to differentiate between external and internal tracing.

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