Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 161)

This is another stack trace related pattern that we call Empty Stack Trace. Here we might need to do manual stack trace reconstruction like in the following example:

0:002> ~2s
eax=00000070 ebx=0110fb94 ecx=00000010 edx=005725d8 esi=0110fe58 edi=00000d80
eip=7c82847c esp=0110efe0 ebp=0110eff0 iopl=0  nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=003b  gs=0000      efl=00000246
7c82847c c3              ret

0:002> kL
ChildEBP RetAddr
0110efdc 00000000 ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet

0:002> !teb
TEB at 7ffdc000
ExceptionList:        0110f980
StackBase:            01110000
StackLimit:           0110d000
SubSystemTib:         00000000
FiberData:            00001e00
ArbitraryUserPointer: 00000000
Self:                 7ffdc000
EnvironmentPointer:   00000000
ClientId:             00000b04 . 00000bd0
RpcHandle:            00000000
Tls Storage:          00000000
PEB Address:          7ffda000
LastErrorValue:       87
LastStatusValue:      c000000d
Count Owned Locks:    0
HardErrorMode:        0

0:002> dps 0110d000 01110000
0110d000  00000000
0110d004  00000000
0110f63c  00001000
0110f640  0110f64c
0110f644  02b91ea8
0110f648  00001000
0110f64c  00000004
0110f650  0110f6f0
0110f654  0374669d DbgHelp!WriteFullMemory+0×3cd
0110f658  ffffffff
0110f65c  0110d000
0110f660  00000000
0110f664  0480f5c0
0110f668  00003000
0110f66c  0110f7b0
0110f670  0110d000
0110f674  00000000
0110f678  00000065
0110f67c  00003000
0110f680  0110d000
0110f684  00000000
0110f688  01010000
0110f68c  00000000
0110f690  00000004
0110f694  00060002
0110f698  00003000
0110f69c  00000000
0110f6a0  00001000
0110f6a4  00000004
0110f6a8  00020000
0110f6ac  00040004
0110f6b0  7ffe0000 SharedUserData
0110f6b4  00000000
0110f6b8  00001000
0110f6bc  00000000
0110f6c0  0480f5c0
0110f6c4  00000000
0110f6c8  04c4a000
0110f6cc  00000000
0110f6d0  000003c7
0110f6d4  00000000
0110f6d8  00023b17
0110f6dc  00000000
0110f6e0  01110000
0110f6e4  00000000
0110f6e8  0099f000
0110f6ec  00000000
0110f6f0  0110f704
0110f6f4  037469d6 DbgHelp!WriteDumpData+0×206
0110f6f8  0110f738
0110f6fc  0110f7b0
0110f700  00000000
0110f704  0110f868
0110f708  03747449 DbgHelp!MiniDumpProvideDump+0×359
0110f70c  0110f738
0110f710  0110f7b0
0110f714  02b91fb0
0110f718  00000000
0110f71c  00000000
0110f720  00000000
0110f724  02b91fb0
0110f728  00000000
0110f72c  00000000
0110ff1c  00000001
0110ff20  00000008
0110ff24  0000000a
0110ff28  33017f51 ModuleA!Run+0xde
0110ff2c  00000001
0110ff30  0110ff74
0110ff34  00f08898
0110ff38  00000000
0110ff3c  00f082a8
0110ff40  00000000
0110ff44  00000001
0110ff48  33017e33 ModuleA!ThreadProc+0×2c
0110ff4c  a9b21e1e
0110ff50  00000000
0110ff54  00000000
0110ff58  00f08898
0110ff5c  0110ff4c
0110ff60  0110ffac
0110ff64  0110ff9c
0110ff68  33054245
0110ff6c  9ba52ad2
0110ff70  00000000
0110ff74  0110ffac
0110ff78  78543433 msvcr90!_endthreadex+0×44
0110ff7c  00f082a8
0110ff80  a9b2b0d3
0110ff84  00000000
0110ff88  00000000
0110ff8c  00f08898
0110ff90  0110ff80
0110ff94  0110ff80
0110ff98  0110ffdc
0110ff9c  0110ffdc
0110ffa0  7858cf5e msvcr90!_except_handler4
0110ffa4  d0f887df
0110ffa8  00000000
0110ffac  0110ffb8
0110ffb0  785434c7 msvcr90!_endthreadex+0xd8
0110ffb4  00000000
0110ffb8  0110ffec
0110ffbc  77e6482f kernel32!BaseThreadStart+0×34
0110ffc0  00f08898
0110ffc4  00000000
0110ffc8  00000000
0110ffcc  00f08898
0110ffd0  00000000
0110ffd4  0110ffc4
0110ffd8  80833bcc
0110ffdc  ffffffff
0110ffe0  77e61a60 kernel32!_except_handler3
0110ffe4  77e64838 kernel32!`string’+0×98
0110ffe8  00000000
0110ffec  00000000
0110fff0  00000000
0110fff4  7854345e msvcr90!_endthreadex+0×6f
0110fff8  00f08898
0110fffc  00000000
01110000  00000130

0:002> k L=0110f650 0110f650  0110f650
ChildEBP RetAddr
WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
0110f650 0374669d 0x110f650
0110f6f0 037469d6 DbgHelp!WriteFullMemory+0x3cd
0110f704 03747449 DbgHelp!WriteDumpData+0x206
0110f868 03747662 DbgHelp!MiniDumpProvideDump+0x359
0110f8dc 33050dd9 DbgHelp!MiniDumpWriteDump+0x1b2
0110fdfc 33031726 ModuleA!WriteExceptionMiniDump+0x50
0110fea0 33018c81 ModuleA!ThreadHung+0x6c
0110ff44 33017e33 ModuleA!Run+0xde
00000000 00000000 ModuleA!ThreadProc+0x2c

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2 Responses to “Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 161)”

  1. Marc Sherman Says:

    “0:002> k L=0110f650 0110f650 0110f650″

    Why does “k” even need the instruction pointer to walk the stack? I’ve always seen it set to ebp and esp like this which doesn’t make sense to me.


  2. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    I think it needs EIP to show the top stack frame correctly pointing to the currently executing instruction. Here it doesn’t matter

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