Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 14)

Inter-Correlation pattern is analogous to the previously described Intra-Correlation pattern but involves several traces from possibly different trace agents recorded (most commonly) at the same time or during an overlapping time interval:

Let’s look at a typical example of an application subclassing windows to add additional look and feel element to its GUI or thjat hooks into window messaging. Suppose this application also records important trace points like window parameters before and after subclassing using ETW technology (Event Tracing for Windows). When we run the application in terminal services environment all windows (including other processes) are shown with an incorrect dimension. We therefore request the application trace and in addition WindowHistory trace to see how coordinates of all windows are changed over time. We easily find some Basic Facts in both traces such as window class name or time but it looks like window handle is different. In another set of traces recorded for comparison we have same window handle values, class name is absent from the ETW trace but a process and thread ID for the same window handle are different. We, therefore, don’t see a correlation between these traces and suspect that both traces in 2 sets were recorded in different terminal sessions, for example:

ETW trace:

#      PID   TID   Time          Message
46750  5890  6960  10:17:18.825  Subclassing, handle=0×100B8, class=MyWindowClass, […]

WindowHistory trace:

Handle: 0001006E Class: “MyWindowClass” Title: “”
Captured at: 10:17:19:637
   Process ID: 19e0
Thread ID: 16e4

Parent: 0
Screen position (l,t,r,b): (-2,896,1282,1026)
Client rectangle (l,t,r,b): (0,0,1276,122)
Visible: true
Window placement command: SW_SHOWNORMAL
Foreground: false
HungApp: false
Minimized: false
Maximized: false

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