Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 13g)

Thanks to Sonny Mir who pointed to !filecache WinDbg command to diagnose low VACB (Virtual Address Control Block or View Address Control Block) conditions I was able to discern another Insufficient Memory pattern for control blocks in general. Certain system and subsystem architectures and designs may put a hard limit on the amount of data structures created to manage resources. If there is a dependency on such resources from other subsystems there could be starvation and blockage conditions resulting in a sluggish system behaviour, absence of a functional response and even in some cases a perceived system, service or application freeze.

7: kd> !filecache
***** Dump file cache******
  Reading and sorting VACBs ...
  Removed 0 nonactive VACBs, processing 1907 active VACBs …
File Cache Information
  Current size 408276 kb
  Peak size    468992 kb
  1907 Control Areas

I plan to add more insufficient control block case studies including user space.

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