Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 89)

When looking at stack traces seasoned memory dump analysis and software maintenance engineers immediately spot the right function to dig into its source code:

05b3f514 66ed52d3 08d72fee 08da6fc4 05b3f540 msvcrt!wcscpy+0xe
05b3f53c 77c50193 07516fc8 06637fc4 00000006 ModuleA!Add+0xd8
05b3f568 77cb33e1 66ed51fb 05b3f750 00000006 rpcrt4!Invoke+0x30
05b3f968 77cb1968 08d6afe0 0774cf4c 0660af28 rpcrt4!NdrStubCall2+0x299

Most will start with ModuleA!Add and examine parameters to wcscpy. This is because wcscpy (UNICODE version of strcpy) is considered as a Well-Tested Function. For the purposes of default analysis via !analyse -v command it is possible to configure WinDbg to ignore our own functions and modules as well if we are sure they were well-tested or pass-through. For details please see the old minidump analysis case study.

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