Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 245)

For completeness, we introduce Module Stack Trace analysis pattern, which is a tack trace with module (or components) and offsets into their address range. Offsets distinguish it from Collapsed Stack Trace. We see only modules names in case of No Component Symbols or Unrecognizable Symbolic Information. Sometimes, we also have exported functions present with resulting offsets reduced in value but still large. This is a case of Reduced Symbolic Information. Such emerging symbols may form Incorrect Stack Trace frames. On some platforms Module Stack Traces become Truncated Stack Traces because a debugger is not able to reconstruct the stack trace. The following stack traces shows Module Stack Trace fragment for PhotosApp_Windows (and also frames with exported functions for ntdll, combase, twinapi_appcore):

0:034> kL
# Child-SP RetAddr Call Site
00 0000005b`03acc5c0 00007ff9`b6288935 KERNELBASE!RaiseFailFastException+0x74
01 0000005b`03accb90 00007ff9`b399654f combase!RoParameterizedTypeExtraGetTypeSignature+0×8db5
02 0000005b`03acccd0 00007ff9`b39965d0 twinapi_appcore!BiNotifyNewSession+0×2628f
03 0000005b`03accd10 00007ff9`b6186e1a twinapi_appcore!BiNotifyNewSession+0×26310
04 0000005b`03accd40 00007ff9`9eaca4a0 combase!RoReportUnhandledError+0xea
05 0000005b`03accdc0 00007ff9`af37be60 MSVCP140_APP!`Concurrency::details::_ExceptionHolder::ReportUnhandledError’::`1′::catch$3+0×39
06 0000005b`03acce00 00007ff9`af3729b2 VCRUNTIME140_APP!CallSettingFrame+0×20
07 0000005b`03acce30 00007ff9`b8625c53 VCRUNTIME140_APP!_CxxCallCatchBlock+0×122
08 0000005b`03accef0 00007ff9`9ea99129 ntdll!RtlCaptureContext+0×3c3
09 0000005b`03acf490 00007ff9`861137e6 MSVCP140_APP!Concurrency::details::_ExceptionHolder::ReportUnhandledError+0×29
0a 0000005b`03acf4e0 00007ff9`86112142 PhotosApp_Windows+0×737e6
0b 0000005b`03acf520 00007ff9`86111e6c PhotosApp_Windows+0×72142
0c 0000005b`03acf560 00007ff9`86113e38 PhotosApp_Windows+0×71e6c
0d 0000005b`03acf590 00007ff9`8611307d PhotosApp_Windows+0×73e38
0e 0000005b`03acf5f0 00007ff9`86113619 PhotosApp_Windows+0×7307d
0f 0000005b`03acf630 00007ff9`b85caefa PhotosApp_Windows+0×73619
10 0000005b`03acf680 00007ff9`b85c97ea ntdll!EtwEventRegister+0×1e3a
11 0000005b`03acf790 00007ff9`b7df2d92 ntdll!EtwEventRegister+0×72a
12 0000005b`03acfb90 00007ff9`b8599f64 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0×22
13 0000005b`03acfbc0 00000000`00000000 ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0×34

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