Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 137)

Recently we found a correlation between software trace with high Statement Density and Current of Periodic Error with uniform Error Distribution and process heap Memory Leak suspected from  memory dump analysis. If we metaphorically view periodic errors as “frequency” and the size of a heap as “mass” we may see that the growth of “frequency” correlates with the growth of “mass” and vice versa. Since frequency is inversely proportional to wave length we see a metaphorical analog to Louis de Broglie’s wave-particle duality. In general, as we already pointed in the discussion of narrativity and spatiality of software execution artifacts (see also Software Trace and Memory Dump Analysis seminar), software traces / logs and memory dumps can be seen as “dual” to each other according (metaphorically again) to de Broglie’s “duality of the laws of nature”. So we name this analysis pattern De Broglie Trace Duality since some memory dump regions can be considered of a general trace nature. Our correlation can be depicted in this diagram:

Practically, when we see Memory Consumption Patterns (but don’t know their source / root cause yet) we can ask for traces and logs, and in the case of frequent Periodic Errors found there we can suggest troubleshooting steps that may serve as a resolution or workaround.

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