Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 175)

When we do trace and log analysis (and software data in general) we look at specific messages found from search (Message Patterns), Error Messages, Significant Events, visit Activity Regions, filter Message Sets, walk through (Adjoint) Threads of Activity, and do other actions necessitated by trace and log analysis patterns. All these can be done in random order (starting from some analysis point), not necessarily representing the flow of Time or some other metric:

Analyzed messages form their own analysis trace that we call CoTrace (CoLog, CoData) where the prefix Co- denotes a space dual to trace (log, data) space:

Instead of messages (or in addition to) we can also form CoTraces consisting of visited Activity Regions or some other areas:

We can apply trace analysis patterns to CoTraces as well. The latter can also be used in creation of higher-order pattern narratives.

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