Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 135)

There are messages in traces and logs that alone do not have useful information. These are adornments or ornamentation messages that we initially called Delineator or Separator messages that structure message stream or Figural Events (where we borrowed the name figural from Lyotard) such as formatting the next message with { }. Such messages only make meaning with other meaningful messages. We call this pattern Ornament. It helps in using trace analysis patterns and trace pattern identification.

Ornament can also be present inside individual messages, for example, as a character prefix. It can be a part of Message Invariant or variable itself. Some ornamentation can play a rhetorical function.

Although ornament is present in non-software architecture this concept has never been explored in pattern–oriented software architecture and construction. We propose similar concept for source code (software construction) in addition to ornamentation of its Declarative Trace. For software post-construction, we also add ornament part to software structure and behavior parts.

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