Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 241)

Most Execution Residue traces in memory dumps are not explicitly temporal (see Special and General Trace and Log Analysis) but may be ordered by some space coordinate, such as memory addresses or page frame numbers. Furthermore, virtual space can be further subdivided into places such as modules and physical space may be restructured into places such as processes. Simple space trace of some data value can be constructed using Value References analysis pattern. These and higher structural space trace constructs can be named as a general Place Trace analysis pattern illustrated in this diagram:

Memory attributes, such as page protection, or derived attributes from memory contents can also be considered as Place Trace data. Sometimes, time ordering can be reconstructed by looking at time information for place containers, for example, elapsed process time or ordering in the process list, or thread order and times for stack region thread owners.

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    Data can also be place traced across different thread stack regions.

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