Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 29)

Sometimes, when comparing normal, expected (working) and abnormal (non-working) traces we can get a clue for further troubleshooting and debugging by looking at module load events. For example, when we see an unexpected module loaded in our non-working trace, its function (and sometimes even module name) can signify some difference to pay attention to:

#     PID  TID  Time         Message
14492 6908 6912 11:06:41.953 LoadImageEvent: ImageName(\WINDOWS\system32\3rdPartySso.dll)

I call this pattern Guest Component and it is a different from Missing Component. Although in the latter pattern a missing component in one trace may appear in another but the component name is known apriori and expected. In the former pattern the component is unexpected. For example, in the trace above, its partial name fragment “Sso” may trigger a suggestion to relate differences in authentication where in a non-working case SSO (single sign-on) was configured.

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