Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 130)

Recently we performed the diagnostic analysis of a software incident where certain functionality was not available to users and provided the report based on analysis patterns such as Focus of Tracing and Opposition Messages. We also conjectured some hypotheses explaining the observed abnormal behaviour. However, at the end, the problem was solved not by the analysis of a lengthy software execution log but by looking at the small configuration INI file where not working functionality was simply disabled in one line:

EnableFunctionality = 0

Even before that analysis we were thinking about the importance of Small DA+TA such as configuration files and registry details that can be considered as general software traces. Here DA+TA means Dump Artefact + Trace Artefact and Big DA+TA refers to software execution memory dump artefacts and trace artefacts that can be really huge. The analysis pattern is illustrated in the following diagram where we see no difference between working and non-working scenarios due to insufficient trace coverage (Sparse Trace):

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