Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 125)

Sometimes we have trace and log messages that appear with certain time frequency throughout all log or specific Thread of Activity. Such frequencies may fluctuate reflecting varying system or process performance. Analyzing trace areas where such messages have different Time Deltas may point to additional diagnostic log messages useful for root cause analysis. The following minimal trace graph depicts the recent log analysis for proprietary file copy operation where the frequency of internal communication channel entry/exit Opposition Messages was decreasing from time to time. Such periods were correlating with increased time intervals between “entry” and “exit” messages. Analysis of messages between them revealed additional diagnostic statements missing in periods of higher frequency and corresponding Timeouts adding up to overall performance degradation and slowness of copy operation.

Additional analysis of Data Association in a different message type between available communication buffers and the total number of such buffers revealed significant frequency drop during constant Data Flow of zero available communication buffers:

We call this analysis pattern Fourier Activity by analogy with Fourier series in mathematics. This pattern is for individual message types and can also be considered a fine-grained example of Statement Current and Trace Acceleration analysis patterns which can be used to detect areas of different frequencies in individual Fibers (Adjoint Threads of Activities formed from the same Thread of Activity).

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