Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 46)

Narrative theory distinguishes between frame types such as (Fludernik, McHale, Nelles, Wolf):

- introductory framing (missing end frame) [—————————-

- terminal framing (missing opening frame) —————————-]

- [—————————-]

- interpolated framing [—-[  ]—-[     ]——–]

At the level of the software trace or an adjoint thread as a whole the first 3 types correspond to various types of this pattern Partition: Head, Prologue, Core, Epilogue, Tail where certain parts are missing. The first 2 types can also be instances of Truncated Trace pattern. Interpolated framing can be an instance of multiple discontinuities. All 4 types also correspond to foreground component messages and in general we have multiple Trace Frames as depicted:

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