Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 51)

Counter Value pattern covers performance monitoring and its logs. A counter value is some variable in memory, for example, a module variable, that is updated periodically to reflect some aspect of state or it can be calculated from different such variables and presented in trace messages. Such messages can also be organized in a similar format as ETW based traces we usually consider as examples for our trace patterns:

Source  PID TID   Function         Value
System    0   0   Committed Memory 12,002,234,654
Process 844   0   Private Bytes    345,206,456
System    0   0   Committed Memory 12,002,236,654
Process 844   0   Working Set      122,160,068

Therefore, all other trace patterns such as adjoint thread (can be visualized via different colors on a graph), focus of tracing, characteristic message block (for graphs), activity regionsignificant event, and others can be applicable here. There are also some specific patterns such as global monotonicity and constant value that we discuss with examples in subsequent parts.

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