Finally Dr. Debugalov adventures are imprinted with bugs inside. The full-color book also features never published before cartoons and a few surprises:

Dumps, Bugs and Debugging Forensics

Dr. Debugalov and cartoons are the creation of Narasimha Vedala:

Bug Set Fire

2009-07-03-Debugalov-Burnt from Narasimha Vedala

Burning Debugalov (3Mb AVI, filmed by Narasimha Vedala)

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009 from Narasimha Vedala

Bug On Stack

DBG_BugOnStack from Narasimha Vedala

At The Board

DBG_AtTheBoard from Narasimha Vedala

Field Guide To Analysis

DBG_FieldGuideToAnalysis from Narasimha Vedala

Unearthing Bugs

DBG_UnearthingBugs from Narasimha Vedala

Bugs Doom

DBG_BugsDoom from Narasimha Vedala

Heap Analysis

DBG_HeapAnalysis from Narasimha Vedala

Revolution Is Brewing

DBG_DungbeetlesPlot from Narasimha Vedala

Valley of Death

DBG_ValleyOfDeath from Narasimha Vedala (click to enlarge)

At A Glance

DBG_AtAGlance from Narasimha Vedala (click to enlarge)

Igor Messes Up

DBG_IgorMessesUp from Narasimha Vedala (click to enlarge)

At The Championships

Attempts Bedtime Story

Spider Man

Debugging Cardiograph

Updating Tools and Links

Early Bird

Mysteriously Missing Keyboard

A Day at Windows Internals Dissection Exam

SPIDERMAN 2 - Doc Octopus Gets a Fix

Debugging Disasters II

Dr. Debugalov Boots the Spidey

Quantum String Theory and bugs chance…

Debugalov's Conjecture... "In every sufficiently complex system there is a bug you cannot debug..."

OSCAR parallel in debugging world - Pointer Award

Dr. Debugalov works out Standard Model of Debugging to save the digital world

If I knew about that command, .step_filter ...

The Hall of Frame

From archives of Journal of Paleontology

Bugs flogging Intel

Unconventional Debugging: introduce a hot lady bug

Dawn of Debugism

Sherlock Holmes ponders...

Beijing Bytes report

Nature's Wonder: Life cycle of a beetle

A visit to the Psychiatrist

Misty morning gossip in the park

Mother bug explains Morris worm

At the Bug Concentration Camp [BCC]
CCB officer decides the fate

Dr. Debugalov tests his new invention "BugSlasher" the fuzzy logic bug hunting robot.

Bugs Trying To Bell The Cat...

Bugs At The Gate

Revolution and carnage imminent at Dr. Debugalov's bug farm...

Other Narasimha's cartoons can be found here: Goozy Dumps