Advanced Software Diagnostics and Debugging Reference

Memory Dump Analysis Anthology contains revised, edited, cross-referenced, and thematically organized selected articles from Software Diagnostics Institute and Software Diagnostics Library (former Crash Dump Analysis blog) about software diagnostics, debugging, crash dump analysis, software trace and log analysis, malware analysis, and memory forensics. Its eleven volumes in 13 books have more than 4,300 pages and, among many topics, include more than 350 memory analysis patterns (mostly for WinDbg Windows debugger with selected Mac OS X and Linux GDB variants), more than 70 WinDbg case studies, and 165 general trace and log analysis patterns. In addition, there are three supplemental volumes with articles reprinted in full color.

Tables of Contents and Indexes of WinDbg Commands from all volumes

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Praise for the series:

I have been working with reversing, dumps, IAT, unpacking, etc. and I am one of the few at my workplace that like analyzing hangs and crashes. I always knew that I had more to learn. So I continuously look for more info. Many links directed me to Frankly speaking, its spartan/simple design made me question its seriousness. But after reading some articles, I immediately decided to order "Memory Dump Analysis Anthology". I have only read 100 pages so far. But I am stunned. It is such an amazing book. How the author refines / reconstructs the call stack, and finds useful information in the stack is incredible. I am enormously thankful for the effort that the author has put in making these books. They are very didactic even though the topic is a bit hard. It is a real treasure.

Mattias Hogstrom