Advanced Software Diagnostics and Debugging Reference

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Praise for the series:

I have been working with reversing, dumps, IAT, unpacking, etc. and I am one of the few at my workplace that like analyzing hangs and crashes. I always knew that I had more to learn. So I continuously look for more info. Many links directed me to Frankly speaking, its spartan/simple design made me question its seriousness. But after reading some articles, I immediately decided to order "Memory Dump Analysis Anthology". I have only read 100 pages so far. But I am stunned. It is such an amazing book. How the author refines / reconstructs the call stack, and finds useful information in the stack is incredible. I am enormously thankful for the effort that the author has put in making these books. They are very didactic even though the topic is a bit hard. It is a real treasure.

Mattias Hogstrom