The Year of Debugging in Retrospection

The Year of Debugging, 0×7D9, was a remarkable year for Here is the list of achievements to report:

- Software Trace Analysis as a new discipline with its own set of patterns

- Unification of Memory Dump Analysis with Software Trace Analysis (DA+TA)

- New computer memory dump-based art movements: Opcodism and Physicalist Art

- Discovery of 3D computer memory visualization techniques

- Establishing Software Maintenance Institute

- Broadening software fault injection as Software Defect Construction discipline

- Establishing a new profession of a Software Defect Researcher

- Starting ambitious Dictionary of Debugging

- Publishing Windows Debugging: Practical Foundations book

- Publishing the first x86-free Windows debugging book: x64 Windows Debugging: Practical Foundations

- Establishing the new debugging magazine: Debugged! MZ/PE

- Publishing Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 3

- Cooperation with OpenTask to promote First Fault Software Problem Solving book

- Establishing Debugging Expert(s) Magazine Online

- Creating the first development process for debugging and software troubleshooting tools: RADII

- Publishing the first pattern-driven memory dump analysis troubleshooting methodology as a foundation for software debugging

- Proposal for an International Memory Analysts and Debuggers Day

- Almost completed Windows Debugging Notebook to be published soon

Now focuses on The Year of Dump Analysis, 0×7DA, as a foundation for the forthcoming debugging decade and reveals future plans this weekend.

I’m sure that many other organizations and individuals have no less remarkable accomplishments to report for 2009. I promise to track down and write about some of them in the forthcoming book:

The Science of Dr. Watson: An Illustrated History of Debugging (ISBN: 978-1906717070)

- Dmitry Vostokov @ + -

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