Introducing Crash and Hang Analysis Audit Service

Adding AI. Analysis Improvement.

After reading earlier today Windows Internals pages about system audit an idea came to my mind in the evening to provide audit services for memory dump and software trace analysis. One mind is good but two are better, especially if the second is a pattern-driven AI. Here are possible problem scenarios:

Problem: You are not satisfied with a crash report.

Problem: Your critical issue is escalated to the VP level. Engineers analyze memory dumps and software traces. No definite conclusion so far. You want to be sure that nothing has been omitted from the analysis.

Problem: You analyze a system dump or a software trace. You need a second pair of eyes but don’t want to send your memory dump due to your company security policies.

Other scenarios (use cases) will be added as soon as I see the service fit to the realities of software technical support.

I plan to make this service operational in July - August, 2010. Prices to be announced soon.

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