Software Trace Analysis Tools: CDFMarker

Finally Citrix has published a tool (written by my colleague Colm Naish, lead escalation engineer) that allows controlled injection of events into CDF (ETW) trace message stream. This is useful in many troubleshooting scenarios where we need to rely on Significant Event and Anchor Message analysis patterns to partition traces into artificial Activity Regions to start our analysis with. This is also analogous for the imposition of the external time on the stream of tracing events from software narratology perspective:

CDFMarker On Demand - For XenApp and XenDesktop

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  1. Crash Dump Analysis » Blog Archive » Trace Analysis Patterns (Part 25) Says:

    […] Suppose, a trace started just before the reproduction steps or a start marker was injected (by CDFMarker, for example) and finished just after the last repro steps or after an end marker was injected. […]

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