Decomposing Memory Dumps via DumpFilter

This post was motivated during my work on a memory dump differing tool called DumpLogic that can do logical and arithmetic operations between memory snapshots, for example, take a difference between them for further visualization. This tool is forthcoming next week and it resulted in another simple tool called DumpFilter. The latter allows to filter certain unsigned integer (DWORD) values from a memory dump (or any binary file) by replacing them with 0xFFFFFFFF and all other values with 0×00000000. The resultant binary file can be visualized by any data visualization package or transformed to a bitmap file using Dump2Picture to see distribution of filtered values.

As a filtering example I used TestDefaultDebugger64 to generate a process user memory dump. It was converted to a BMP file by Dump2Picture: 

Then I filtered only AV exception code 0xc0000005:

C:\>DumpFilter tdd64.dmp tdd64.bin <dwords.txt

dwords.txt just contained one line 


It is possible to filter many values. Just put more lines to dwords.txt file. tdd64.bin was converted to tdd64.bmp by Dump2Picture:

C:\>Dump2Picture tdd64.bin tdd64.bmp

Because the image had only black and while RGBA colors I saved it as a B/W bitmap (click to enlarge, it is a 3236×3236 1.3Mb bitmap):


Every EV exception code is a white dot there but it is difficult to see them unless magnified. So I enlarged them manually on the following map:

I put them on the original image too. We can see that exception processing spans many areas:

The tool and the sample dwords.txt file (for c0000005 and 80000003) can be downloaded from this location:

Download DumpFilter

Another example: Night Sky memory space art image is just a fragment after filtering all 1 values from another process memory dump.

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