The Inception of Debugging Studio

Born out of 2008 April Fool’s joke (although I was thinking about it long before) the idea is to have a general framework and associated IDE for analysis activities for various tools that produce logs. Similar to planned GUI Monitor integrating WindowHistory, MesageHistory and ScreenHistory tools but also including Debugger Log Analyzer, Debugging Notebooks, various memory and trace log visualization subsystems. It also has the working title UTF (Unified Tools Framework).

Seems I’m very easy on inceptions :-) All this will be covered in great detail in the forthcoming book which I tirelessly advertise:

DebugWare: The Art and Craft of Writing Troubleshooting Tools

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  1. Volker von Einem Says:

    Hi Dmitry,

    there is a tool outside that provides something like an integrated debugging environment: AppSight

    I have been investigating this tool in a team for some time. The cost is really really high but it has some glitches which made us decide not to use it.

    Nevertheless we see a big need for a tighter integration of the various debugging tools at hand.

    There is one time line of events from various sensors (dumps, screen movie (btw: we use BlueBerry flash back [] with great results), ETW, WMI, …) but no synchronization.

    Hard to believe no one else is seeing the market opportunities for such a tool and is investing in it…

  2. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Hi Volker,

    Thanks for the links! I mainly invest in Debugging Studio tools because I have to analyze issues from complex terminal service environments and such tools make my life easier especially if I write them myself from my own requirements :-)

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