Microsoft gives sneak preview of Debugging Studio

This looks really cool: 

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

11 Responses to “Microsoft gives sneak preview of Debugging Studio”

  1. molotov Says:

    “We’re sorry, but we were unable to service your request. You may wish to choose from the links below for information about Microsoft products and services.”

    April Fool’s?

  2. Palad1 Says:

    It’s awesome!

    I spent the last hour playing with the Linq-to-dbg runtime evaluation, it’s incredible. I do have an issue though, the following code returns the same object root several times when it should return one occurence:

    from t in Threads
    where t.IsDeadlocked
    select t.DeadLockRoot

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Alexander Says:

    “We’re sorry, but there is no Web page that matches your entry.”

  4. Marc Sherman Says:

    Link’s broken or they took the page down.

  5. alienRancher Says:

    I get a 404 on that link.

  6. Koby Kahane Says:

    Dmitry, the link seems to be broken.

  7. Deepdog Says:

    haha! nice april fools joke! You got me.

  8. Francisco Moraes Says:

    Broken link?

  9. SR Says:

    Looks like the above URL is invalid. Can you pls. update the URL.

  10. Edgar Says:

    URL not working :(

  11. someonepoor Says:

    Huh? Got a 404?

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