Plans for The Year of Dump Analysis

After exciting results of  the previous year of debugging it is time to announce modest plans for this year, 0×7DA:

Release the first beta version of EasyDbg

Release the first beta version of CARE (Crash Analysis Report Environment) for a pattern-driven debugger log analyzer with standards for structured audience-driven reports

Release the first beta version of STARE (Software Trace Analysis Report Environment) for a pattern-driven software trace analyzer with corresponding standards for structured audience-driven reports

Publish the following books on dump analysis that address different audiences (general users, system administrators, support and escalation engineers, testers, software engineers, security and software defect researchers):

Windows Debugging Notebook
Crash Dump Analysis for System Administrators and Support Engineers
- Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 4
- Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 5
- Memory Dump Analysis Anthology Color Supplement
- Principles of Memory Dump Analysis
- My Computer Crashes and Freezes: A Non-technical Guide to Software and Hardware Errors
- Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X Debugging: Practical Foundations
- Encyclopedia of Crash Dump Analysis Patterns
- WinDbg In Use: Debugging Exercises

Publish articles related to memory dump analysis in Debugged! magazine

Update WinDbg Poster and Cards

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