Moving towards the Psi point

The hierarchy of Ψ1, …, Ψ8, …, Ψ16, …, Ψ32, …, Ψ64, …, …, …, ΨΨ numbers where the subscript denotes the number of bits a memory address can have, so Ψ32 and Ψ64 are memorillion and quadrimemorillion of memory dumps respectively. We only need to figure out the meaning of Ψ0 and ΨΨ. Perhaps there is some meaning in Dirac notation here: <Ψ0Ψ>. More on this later because I have to finish this week the book x64 Windows Debugging: Practical Foundations and write an errata file for the previous x86 version of the book series.

Note: Ψ is an M upside down.

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