Software Trace Diagrams (STDiagrams)

When depicting trace analysis patterns I used two-dimensional diagrams based on CDF (ETW) traces such as this one for a bifurcation point:

While working today on a new pattern I needed a new expressive way to graphically illustrate the same idea of trace bifurcation points but without too much drawing. Traces from particle chambers and scattering diagrams came to my imagination after draw the first few diagrams illustrating bifurcation points:

Time directional arrow end can be omitted:

Trace variation after a bifurcation point can be indicated by angle partition:

The case when a variation also happens before is illustrated on this diagram:

and the case with several bifurcations:

Are N-bifurcations like on the diagram below possible?

Yes, they are, if the course of execution depends on some non-binary trace message parameter such as a loaded module that implements a required interface differently.

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