WinDbg shortcuts: !heap -x -v

The following command is useful for searching a process virtual space for any value references:

!heap -x -v <value> ”will search the entire virtual memory space of the current process for pointers to this” value (from WinDbg help).


0:000> !heap -x -v 6e412d82
Search VM for address range 6e412d82 - 6e412d82 : 778042bc (6e412d82),

0:000> dp 778042bc l1
778042bc  6e412d82

0:000> !heap -x -v c0000005
Search VM for address range c0000005 - c0000005 : 014df8d0 (c0000005), 014dfe8c (c0000005), 0155d908 (c0000005), 0155dd10 (c0000005), 0155ddc8 (c0000005), 0155dfa8 (c0000005), 0155dff0 (c0000005), 0155ea20 (c0000005), 6d000f9c (c0000005), 70d44054 (c0000005), 725c30d4 (c0000005), 7270d20c (c0000005), 7282ef74 (c0000005), 7449a878 (c0000005), 74511958 (c0000005), 74562ec4 (c0000005), 74563280 (c0000005), 74564fc8 (c0000005), 7456562c (c0000005), 74565748 (c0000005), 745664a8 (c0000005), 74566a30 (c0000005), 74566ad8 (c0000005), 747f6730 (c0000005), 747f682c (c0000005), 74861ef0 (c0000005), 7488743c (c0000005), 748aea68 (c0000005), 748b2830 (c0000005), 748c5118 (c0000005), 74935068 (c0000005), 749412a8 (c0000005), 7495caf0 (c0000005), 74a3a780 (c0000005), 74aa462c (c0000005), 74b19b68 (c0000005), 74b61060 (c0000005), 74b8fb44 (c0000005), 74b9d1c8 (c0000005), 74be1ad8 (c0000005), 74be72c8 (c0000005), 74c14b60 (c0000005), 74c83b84 (c0000005), 74c83b88 (c0000005), 74c83b9c (c0000005), 74c83ba0 (c0000005), 74c83ba4 (c0000005), 74c83ba8 (c0000005), 74c83bac (c0000005), 74c83bb0 (c0000005), 74c83bb4 (c0000005), 74c83bb8 (c0000005), 74c83bbc (c0000005), 74c83bc0 (c0000005), 74c83bc8 (c0000005), 74c83bcc (c0000005), 74c83bd0 (c0000005), 74c83bd4 (c0000005), 74c83bd8 (c0000005), 74c83bdc (c0000005), 74c83be0 (c0000005), 74c83be4 (c0000005), 74c83be8 (c0000005), 74c83bec (c0000005), 74c83bf0 (c0000005), 74c83bf4 (c0000005), 74c83bf8 (c0000005), 74c83bfc (c0000005), 74c83c00 (c0000005), 74c83c04 (c0000005), 74c83c08 (c0000005), 74c83c0c (c0000005), 74c83c10 (c0000005), 74c83c14 (c0000005), 74c83c18 (c0000005), 74c83c1c (c0000005), 74c83c20 (c0000005), 74c83c24 (c0000005), 74c83c28 (c0000005), 74c83c2c (c0000005), 74c83c34 (c0000005), 74c83c38 (c0000005), 74c83c3c (c0000005), 74c8c7ac (c0000005), 75019298 (c0000005), 750ff7b0 (c0000005), 751c1adc (c0000005), 751c2514 (c0000005), 7522c530 (c0000005), 752c311c (c0000005), 752d4734 (c0000005), 752d4ae8 (c0000005), 752d534c (c0000005), 752d7038 (c0000005), 752d7e9c (c0000005), 752eda04 (c0000005), 752edab0 (c0000005), 756d6624 (c0000005), 7571adc0 (c0000005), 7571addc (c0000005), 75723780 (c0000005), 757af774 (c0000005), 759c0f10 (c0000005), 76702360 (c0000005), 76703a30 (c0000005), 76d437ac (c0000005), 76d527ec (c0000005), 76dd0fa4 (c0000005), 77581f2c (c0000005), 777a33c0 (c0000005), 777c8b14 (c0000005),

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